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And now for something COMPLETELY different  !


We love picking up unusual stock for our our selection of Classic Magazines, and are pleased to be able to offer some gems from the 'other side of the pond'. With the boom in 'soccer' in the States from the mid-1970's onwards, it was appropriate that their own magazine would eventually follow.  Thus, in the spring of 1978 "Soccer Digest" emerged.


Naturally, it featured heavily on the North American Soccer League, but this publication also offered coverage of the European game, and 'College Football', effectively the junior levels of the game in America. With so many British players plying their trade over there for a summer jolly and retired players from the 1960's/early 1970's popping up as coaches, there are plenty of familiar names & faces dotted around these pocket sized magazines.


The intervals at which the magazine was published are also a little unusual. The first edition is dated May 1978 (but undoubtedly appeared no later than early April). It was also only initially published in the months in which football was actually being played, so there are SIX issues runnung from May through to October and nothing in between ! It continued in this May-June-July-August-September-October format for the first five years of it's life, from 1978 through to 1982. It then only appeared four times in 1983 (May, July, September, November), before also appearing again in January 1984, and then (certainly in the stock which we have acquired) in every 'odd' month (i.e., March, May, July etc), as a bi-monthly publication.


We can offer a run of issues from May 1979 through to January 1986, though we understand the magazine actually ran until 2003. Details of the front cover subject are listed against the dates of the issues we have available. Seems like they had their favourite faces, and Giorgio Chinaglia seemed to be Player of the Year on a regular basis ! We've never seen these magazines previously and would imagine that we are unlikely to see them again in a hurry, so hope that serious magazine collectors will be eager to snap them up for their libraries. (Please note that a number of the magazines have an address label on the cover, so please advise whether or not these issues will be acceptable)




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May  -  Dennis Tueart.   June  -  Alan Willey.  July  -  Karl-Heinz Granitza.  Sept  -  Phil Parkes. 


1980  -   August  -  Oscar Fabbiani. 



August  -  Ace Ntsoelengoe.  September  -  Karl-Heinz Granitza.   October  -  Giorgio Chinaglia.



June  -  Johan Neeskens.   August  -  Jan van Beveren. 

September  -  Volkmar Gross.  October  -  Giorgio Chinaglia


1983  (four issues only published)

July - Hubert Birkenmeier.    September  -  Mark Peterson.   November  -  David Byrne.


1984  (switches to bi-monthly publication)

January  -  Roberto Cabanas.  March  -  Paul Kitson & Joey Fink.  November  -  Steve Zungul



January  -  Stan Stamenkovic.   March  -  Slobo Iljievski.   May  -  Juli Veee

July  -  Branco Segota.  November  -  Steve Zungul



January  -  Scott Manning.



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