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Charles Buchan, 1951-60


The original football magazine first appeared in September 1951, running with modifications until the summer of 1974 when it was replaced by the 'new' Football Monthly.  Generally regarded as the daddy of modern football magazines, we can offer many early issues from the early 1950's onwards. In this section you will find details of magazines from the initial issue through to the end of 1960.  Details of the front cover and back cover page feature are listed in brackets after the date of each issue, while a colour centre spread first appeared in November 1957.



1951 -  as priced.    1952  -  £8 each.    1953  -  £6 each.    1954  -  £5 each. 

1955  -  £4 each.      1956 to 1960  -  £3 each.



July (Eddie Baily), October (Derek Dooley), November (Billy Liddell).



February (Frank Brennan), March (Ray Daniel/Stan Matthews),  May (Eddie Shimwell),  

July (Roy Bentley), October (Vic Metcalfe), November (Peter Farrell), December (John Charles).



June (Albert Quixall), July (Willie Moir/Charlie Mitten),  August (Bil Eckersley/Sam Bartram), November (Jack Mansell/Jock Stein).



February (Ray Wood/Stan Matthews),   April (Len Shackleton/Willie Bauld)

May (F  -  Jimmy Meadows/Jackie Milburn, cs).  June (George Robb & Bert Williams/Geoff Bradford).  July (unidentified action/Jimmy Davidson),  November (Ken Taylor/Jack Henderson).



January (Doug Holden/Ron Flowers), March (Ron Baynham/BSA advert),

June (Jackie Milburn/Billy Liddell),  July (Don Donovan/Jack Froggatt), 

October (Charlie Fleming/Bobby Kirk & Willie Fernie), 

December (Bert Williams/Bill McAdams).



January (Terry Medwin/Alex Scott),  February (George Eastham & Len Shackleton/Alex Parker),

March  (Trevor Smith & Denis Wilshaw/Dave Mackay), April (Jeff Hall/Tommy Taylor), 

July (Frank Griffin/Andy Kerr & Jimmy Hubbard),  August (Albert Quixall/Billy Bingham), 

September (Peter Farrell/Pat Saward), October (Stan Charlton & Roy Clarke/Billy Whelan),  November (Joe Haverty front cover/Aston Villa centre colour album/Albert Dunlop back cover/Colin Grainger other page, Ken Thomson other page).



May (F - Nat Lofthouse/John Higgins & Bill Foulkes/Ian Greaves/Peter Taylor, Bert Peacock),   June (Johnny Haynes/Preston/Dick Beattie/Brian Whitehouse, Harry Leyland),  

September (Roy Warhurst/Stoke/Jimmy Scoular/Pat Parker, Stars of Villa),



April (Tony Macedo/Norwich/Jack Connor/Dennis Evans, Bill Gray), 

June (Peter McParland/Wolves/Stan Matthews/Joe Shaw, Phil Woosnam). 

July (Brian Pilkington/Hearts/Graham Shaw/Doug Holden, Dave Mackay),  

August (Billy Liddell/Middlesbrough/Roy Bentley/Johnny Baxter, Cecil Caldwell.),

September (Derek Hogg/assorted Portrait Gallery/John Atyeo/Stars of Ashton Gate, Grimsby),

October (Nigel Sims/assorted Portrait Gallery/Roy Bailey/Mick Meagan, Bryan Orritt),

November (Len White/Hull/Bert Trautmann/Charlie Hurley, Harry Davis), 

December (George Showell/Arsenal/Joe Walton/With the camera at Manchester City,

Jimmy Millar, Jack Burkitt).



January (Eddie Holliday/Sunderland/Derrick Sullivan/Albert Quixall, Neil Mochan),  

April (Warren Bradley/Personality Parade/Willie Cunningham/Frank Haffey, Jimmy Harris),

May (F - Ron Flowers/Peter Broadbent & Peter Dobing/Harry Leyland/Bobby Thomson, Alan Finney).    June (Tom Finney/Bobby Craig & Jimmy McIlroy/Ken Leek/John Neal, Bert Peacock). 

July (Alan Hodgkinson/Fred Else & Maurice Setters/Jimmy Adamson/Gordon Wills, Dennis Uphill).  September (Bill Slater/Burnley1960-61 Gift Book ad/John McTavish, Alec Jackson), 

October (Ray Wilson/Blackburn/Brian Carter  -  no further colour content). 

November (Ray Pointer/Peterborough/Bobby Campbell/Scotland's Pride, John Giles)



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