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ABC / TOPPS Football Cards 

We are pleased to be able to offer a further stock of these gems from the 1970's  !


Please note that if you are ONLY ordering Football Cards, the MINIMUM order we will accept is for 10 cards. (Clearly, postage/handling doesn't make it practical to accept orders for very small quantities). Should you be ordering them with other material, this ruling does not apply.


All cards are priced at 50p each, & a 20% discount will be given if 50 or more cards are required.


The majority of the cards currently available are in excellent condition for their age. Naturally, there may be some wear such as rounded corners, very light creasing, writing (don't forget it would mainly have been school children collecting these !) which may be deemed as faults by some collectors. Please ensure that you make it clear when ordering that cards which may be slightly sub-standard are not required.


When ordering, please simply list your requirements by season, and card number.



This section last updated   -  13/4/21


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