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Match Weekly, 1979-90


First published in September 1979 (this issue pictured above with Kevin Keegan in the classic red England away shirt by Admiral was No. 1) and offering a glut of colour posters in each issue, Match gradually established itself as Shoot's main weekly rival on the newsagent's shelves.


We are pleased to be able to offer a selection of Match Weekly magazines, with the vast majority of magazines being in perfect condition.


For the first few months of publication, Match was dated to cover a full week (for instance, Issue 1 is dated 6th-12th September 1979) but for our purposes, the latter date would be used (i.e, Sep 12). The last issue using this format is dated 28th February-5th March 1980 (this would appear as Mar 5 when in stock in our listings for 1980), with next issue being dated for the following Saturday, in this case 8th March 1980 (therefore Mar 8). Until August 1981, magazines were stapled rather than glued, which made removal of the centre spread far easier. We can confirm that the ALL the magazines listed below have been thoroughly checked and are complete !


Details of the colour pictures in each magazine are listed as follows :

Front cover/centre spread/back cover/other page, other, other, other.


Where two or more players appear in a match action picture, the 'home' player(s)' will be listed first if the venue can be identified by stadium shots, or if the other player(s) are in away colours. Similarly, match action shots will also show the 'home' club first, if the venue can be clearly identified.




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1979   * * £2 each * *

Nov  21  Paul Hart/Norwich v. West Brom/Celtic v. Rangers/Ian Wallace, Mike Fillery,

Archie Gemmill, John Burridge, Stoke.



1980   * * £2 each * *

Jan    9   Graham Paddon/1980 Soccer Calendar/Martin Buchan/Jim Bone, Andy Gray,

Brendan O' Callaghan, Andy Peake.

Jan  16  John Hollins/1980 Soccer Calendar/David Cross & John Brownlie/Stan Bowles,

Dixie McNeill.

Jan  23   Don Givens & Peter Withe/1980 Soccer Calendar/Ray Hankin/Eric Gates,

Frank Stapleton.

Jan  30   John Trewick & Garry Birtles/Ossie Ardiles/Bosko Jankovic/Jimmy Rimmer, Sheff Wed, Davie Provan, Bob Hazell.


Feb   6   Gary Gillespie & Asa Hartford/Derby v. Middlesbrough/Clive Walker/Gerry Ryan,

Sheff Utd, Peter Shilton, Kevin Bond.

Feb  13  Ricky Hill & Ron Harris/Ray Clemence/Frank Gray/Phil Parkes, Jimmy Nicholl,

Bryan Robson (West Brom), Allan Evans

Feb  27  John Gregory & Kenny Dalglish/Viv Anderson/Alan Brazil & Alan Hansen/Alan Ainscow, Brian Hornsby, Petar Barota.


July   12   Alan Young/Terry Yorath/Adrian Heath/The Monster (Hrubesch) Strikes Twice,

Kevin Keelan, Russell Osman

July   26  Kenny Burns/Keith Bertschin/Paul Hart/(Andy) Gray's Glory Day, Jeff Wealands,

George McCluskey.


Sep   13   Clive Allen/Birmingham/Gordon Smith (Brighton)/Garth Crooks, Archie Gemmill




 * *  All Issues from this point,  £1 each unless stated  * *


1981  NO STOCK  




Mar    20 (L*)   Grobbelaar, Lawrenson & Whelan/Whelan's Wembley Wonder Show/Jim Blyth/Willie Miller, Trevor Francis, John Lukic, Bryan Robson


Apr    24   Garth Crooks/Dave Watson (Norwich)/Keith Cassels/Crooks' Cruncher, Tony Currie, Sammy McIlroy, Zico.


May     8    Alan Ball & Ken McNaught/Aston V/Karl-Heinz Rummenigge/Trevor Comes Up Trumps (Wales v. England), John Barnes, Paul Mariner.

May   15   Eric Gates & Dave Watson (Stoke)/Tony Morley/Steve Hunt/Andras Torocsik,

Gerry Armstrong, Peter Fox.

May   22 (F)  Clive Allen & Garth Crooks/QPR/Peter Weir/Wembley Wizards, Hans Krankl,

Glenn Roeder & Steve Perryman.

May   29 (F*) John Gregory & Chris Hughton/Peter (Hucker) The Great/Neil Orr/Oleg Blokhin, Sammy McIlroy.


June  26 (WC)  Christian Lopez & Paul Mariner/Fantastique England/Tony Woodcock/The Big

Kick-Off,  Scotland The Brave.


July   10 (WC)  Karl-Heinz Rummenigge & Mick Mills/Nein Goals/Arriverderci Argentina/Wlodzimierz Smolarek & Rene Ndjeya, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, Amazing Zico, Austrians French-Fried & Belgian Pole-Axed.

July   24   Tony Woodcock & Everard La Ronde/Mick Mills/Alain Giresse/Willie Young,

Alan Curtis, Pierre Littbarski, Paulo Rossi




Jan   22    Kenny Dalglish/Rangers/Derrick Parker/Andy Gray, David McCreery, Iain McCulloch, Phil Parkes.


Mar     5    Paul Power/Spot On Phil (England v. Wales)/Gordon Strachan/Norwich, Mike Robinson, Mark Wallington.

Mar   19    John Hollins & Garth Crooks/Celtic/Kevin Carr/Terry Fenwick, Grimsby, Dean Coney.


Apr     9     Gerry Armstrong & Paul Miller/Hampden Heroes, Wembley Zeroes/Simon Stainrod/Gary Rowell, Paul Dyson, Joey Jones.


May   14    Tony Woodcock & Graham Roberts/Craig Johnston/Hans van Breuklen/Ross Jenkins, Warren Neill, Ian Wilson


June   11    Steve Lynex & Wille Donachie/Peter Withe/Terry Butcher/John Deehan,

Wembley Waltz (England v. Scotland), Gary Waddock, Bradford.


July    23    Stewart Robson & Peter Withe/Club Fact File Cover/Russell Osman/Paul Miller,

Tony Morley, Kelham O'Hanlon, Billy Bonds.

July    30    Cyrille Regis/John Gregory & Ian Cartwright/Pat Bonner/Graham Roberts,

Mark Lawrenson, Tony Grealish, Luther Blissett.


Aug      6    Trevor Aylott & Clive Goodyear/Brighton/Gary Lineker, Gary Bailey, Peter Hampton.

Aug    20    Aberdeen v. Celtic, Scottish kick-off/Hearts/Richard Gough/John Lukic, Nick Holmes, Terry Connor, Nicky Law.


Oct      1    Southampton v. QPR/Birmingham/Alan Kennedy/Andy Gray, Wimbledon,

Kevin O' Callaghan

Oct      8    Steve McCall & Tony Galvin/Huddersfield/Alan Brazil/Steve Lynex, Billy Bonds,

Mark Chamberlain

Oct    22    Frank Bunn/Stoke/Dave Swindlehurst/Tony Coton, Peter Daniel, John Pender,

Paul Power, Motherwell.

Oct    29    Peter Withe/Barnsley/Ian Bolton/Cyrille Regis, Paul Bracewell, Craig Johnston.


Nov   26    Mark Wright & Mike Fillery/Leeds/Garry Birtles/England's Four Goal Farewell, Neil Orr.


Dec   10    Perry Suckling/Southampton/Jimmy Case/Keegan Whitworth & Barrowclough (Mansfield), Ian Rush, Swindon.

Dec   17    John Pender & Mike Robinson/Ipswich/Trevor Senior/Martin Buchan, Robbie James, Byron Stevenson, Tony Cottee.




Jan     7     Nigel Callaghan/Norwich/Ian Stewart/Graeme Souness, Steve Foster, Halifax.


Feb    4     Garry Birtles/Walsall/Paul Haylock/Kenny Dalglish, Steve Archibald, Peter Withe.

Feb   11     Nigel Callaghan, George Reilly & Wilf Rostron/Nott'm F/Tony Grealish/Neville Southall, Micky Adams, Aberdeen.

Feb   25    Steve Perryman/Notts Co/Derek Parlane/Kirk Stephens, Walsall.


Mar     3    Liverpool celebrate/Watford/Ray Wilkins/Shaun Elliot, Frank Worthington,

Keith Bertschin

Mar   10    Steve Williams/Plymouth/Jim Hagan/Steve Hodge, Maurice Johnston, Mansfield.

Mar   17    Chris Hughton/Diego Maradona/Paul McStay/Perry Suckling,

Mick Harford & Allan Evans, Newcastle.

Mar   24  (L)  Kevin Ratcliffe & Graeme Souness/Everton/Mark Lawrenson/Alan Curbishley,

Robert Prytz

Mar   31  (L*)  John Bailey & Alan Kennedy/Mersey Magic/Dennis Mortimer/Billy Wright,

Clive Whitehead & Andy Rogers, Chris Fairclough.


Apr     7     Reds' Cup For Keeps !/Souness Settles It/Mike Channon/Magic McCoist,

Russell Osman & Alan Brazil, Grimsby.

Apr   14    Steve Moran & Kevin Moran/Nott'm F/Tommy Tynan/John Wark, Andy Gray,

Dave Provan.


May   12    Kevin Keegan/Farewell King Kevin !/Brian Talbot/Brendan O' Callaghan,

Trevor Brooking,  Cyrille Regis, Jan Ceulemans.

May   19  (F)  Peter Reid & Maurice Johnston/Andy Gray & George Reilly/Tommy Burns/Allan Simonsen.


June   23    John Barnes & Mark Hateley/Triple Trophy Parade/Darren Wood/Graham Baker, England's Samba Sensation, Nigel Spink, Robbie Cooke & Chris Waddle.

June   30    Ken McNaught & Paul Mariner/Hateley's A Hit/Mike Robinson/Mike Channon &

Kevin Ratcliffe, Mel Sterland, Mark Hughes.


July      7     Michel Platini/Michel the Musketeer/Peter Reid/Terry Fenwick, Tony Morley,

Chris Turner, Peter Mendham

July    14     Mark Hateley/Oleg Blokhin & Graham Roberts/Gary Waddock/Paul Hart,

Kenny Sansom


Aug    11    Roy Aitken & Dave Mitchell/Steve Foster/Bobby Russell/John Gregory, John Devine.

Aug    18   (CS)  Adrian Heath/Celtic/Nigel Worthington/Ian Rush, John Trewick, Tony Woodcock.


Sep    15    Alan Hansen & Graeme Sharp/Newcastle/Nike Ad (Ian Rush)/Tommy Caton, Preston.


Oct      6     International Heroes poster/West Brom/Alan Hansen/Peterborough, Mark Walters, Mark Falco.

Oct     13    John Barnes/Oxford/Kenny Dalglish/Mich D'Avray, Bryan Robson

Oct     20    Phil Neal & Kevin Richardson/Portsmouth/Graeme Hogg/Kevin Mooore & Imre Varadi, Graham Rix.


Nov    17    Kerry Dixon/Burnley/Bec Sports ad/Mark Hateley, Micky Gynn.

Nov    24    George Reilly & Ian Butterworth/Sheff Utd/Bec Sports ad/Adrian Heath, Kevin Bond.




Mar   23  (L)  Barry Venison & Dave Watson/Sunderland/Steve Bruce/Paul Bracewell,

Luther Blissett


May   11    Andy Gray/Gordon Strachan (new Scotland kit)/John Trewick/Ian Cranson,

Trevor Peake   


June    1     Gary Stevens (Everton)/Birmingham/Steve Kinsey/Steve Nicol, Charlie Nicholas,

Frank McGarvey, Bradford.

June   15    David Lowe/All Change at Anfield (new Adidas kits)/Mich D'Avray/Kirk Stephens,  David Phillips, Hans Segers, Wigan's Wembley Wonders.


July   13    Steve Bruce/Mark Hateley/Paul Futcher/Steve Hodge, Brian Marwood,  Andy May.

July   20    Clive Allen/Dave Watson/Andy Feeley/Les Sealey, Steve Mackenzie.


Sep   14    Mick Harford/Birmingham/Simon Stainrod/Garry Birtles, Paul Power, Alan Curtis.

Sep   21    Kevin Ratcliffe & Norman Whiteside/Sheff Wed/Peterborough/Maine Road Massacre.


Oct      5    Mike Hazard/Coventry/Colin West/Peter Shilton, Mark Falco, Walsall.

Oct    26    David Seaman & Tony Cottee/Reading/Emeka Nwajiobi/Paul Kerr, Alan Davies,

Kevin McAllister, Nicky Morgan.


Nov     2    Gary Lineker/Everton/Kerry Dixon/Mal Donaghy & Mark Walters, Peter Beardsley,

Ray Stewart.

Nov     9    David McCreery/Oldham/Christmas Bookshelf ad/Northern Ireland, Aberdeen, Kevin Ratcliffe & Norman Whiteside, Charlie Nicholas.

Nov   16    Chris Waddle/York/George Reilly/Glenn Cockerill, Ian Rush, Ian Butterworth.

Nov   30    Mark Hateley/Crystal P/Trevor Steven/Paul Birch, Steve Hunt,

Neil Webb & Kevin Bond, Kerry Dixon.


Dec   14    Dean Glover & Mick Harford/Grimsby/Bruce Grobbelaar/Graeme Sharp, Vince Hilaire.   

Dec   21    Graeme Sharp & Graeme Hogg/QPR/Phil Thompson/Steve MacKenzie, Brian Stein, Alan Dickens.




Jan    4     Glenn Roeder & Ian Rush/Dundee Utd/David Geddis/Altrincham, Eric Black, Ricky Hill, Mark Hughes.  

Jan   11    Pat Nevin/Stoke/Orient/Paul McGrath, Lee Chapman, John Aldridge.


Mar  22    Kenny Clements/Ipswich/F.A. Cup game ad/Denmark, Uruguay, David Preece,

Danny Thomas.

Mar  29   Jeremy Charles/Colchester/Chris Woods/Russia, Scotland, Graeme Sharp.


May   3    Steve Bruce & Dave Watson/Oxford/Kerry Dixon/Argentina, Iraq.

May  10 (F)  Kevin Ratcliffe & Kenny Dalglish/Paul Bracewell & Kevin MacDonald/Sandy Clark & Eric Black/John Barnes, Bulgaria, South Korea.


July    5   (WC)  Diego Maradona/Diego's A Handful/Jorge Burruchaga/Brazil's Spot of Bother.

July  12   Gary Lineker/Preben Elkjaar/Line 7 ad/Out Of This World, Peter Beardsley.


Aug    9   Roy Aitken/Celtic/Patrick ad/Billy Stark, John Colquhoun, Luis Fernandez.

Aug  16   (CS) Graeme Sharp & Alan Hansen/Norwich/Puma ad/Murdo MacLeod, Graham Rix & Kenny Sansom.

Aug  23   Kerry Dixon/Man Utd/Mitchell Thomas/Mark Walters, Colin West.

Aug  30   Football Facts card cover/Liverpool/Puma ad/Steve Cowan & Terry Butcher,

Charity Shield action, Danny Wilson, Andy Blair.


Sep    6   Charlie Nicholas/Newcastle/Richard Gough/Frank McAvennie, Mark Lillis, Chris Turner, Scunthorpe.

Sep  13   Colin Clarke & Shaun Elliot/Sheff Wed/Line 7 ad/Paul Miller, Dave Watson.


Oct   18   Kevin Sheedy & Neil Webb/Oxford/Wolves/Hit Men. Colin Clarke, Arthur Albiston.


Nov   8   Terry Butcher/Derby/Chesterfield/George Wood, Davie Cooper & Ian Durrant.


Dec   6   Mark Lawrenson/Sheff Utd/Xmas ad/Glenn Hoddle, Burnley.

Dec  13  Kevin Sheedy/Reading/Halifax/Steve Hunt, David Williams, Mel Sterland, Garry Birtles.




May   2    Ian Rush/Rush in Dixie-Land/Brian McClair/Bran Stein, Dave Bennett, Mervyn Day,

Alan Smith.

May   9    Chris Woods/Bryan Robson (new England kit)Wayne Clarke/Charlie Nicholas,

Kenny Dalglish, Ray Houghton, John Matthews.

May  30   Roy Aitken & Mark Hateley/Prize Rams/Mark Stein/Up Pompey, Tartan Torment, Beardsley Silences The Samba, Peter Reid, Cobblers Crowned, Fairy Tale Final (FA Cup action).


June  13   Charlie Nicholas/86-87's Magic Moments/Ally McCoist & Mark Wright/Kenny Brown, Stuart Pearce, Gary Porter, Peter Shirtliff.

June  20   Clive Allen & Gary Lineker/Ian Rush/Chris Waddle/Trevor Peake, John Fashanu.

June  27   Peter Shilton & Neville Southall/Tony Adams/Gary Stevens (Everton)/Mike Duxbury,

Andy Ritchie, David Preece, Brian McClair.


July  11    John Fashanu & Peter Shirtliff/Viv Anderson & Brian McClair/Pat Van Den Hauwe, Richard Gough,  Ian Culverhouse & Clive Walker.

July  18   Peter Beardsley/Glenn Hoddle/Mark Hateley/David Rocastle, Lloyd McGrath.


Aug   1   (CS)  Dave Bennett & Kevin Ratcliffe/Cyrille Regis-Paul McStay/Nike ad/Ian Baird,

Gordon Strachan.


* * * * *

Also available, content details for individual issues available on request.....



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