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Pre 1960 Football League                                                 


Unless stated, prices are as follows :

Pre 1945, individually priced.   1945-46 £12,  1946-47 £11,  1947-48 £10,  1948-49 £9,  1949-50 £8,  1950-51 £7,  1951-52 £6.50, 

1952-53 £6,  1953-54 £5.50,  1954-55 £5,  1955-56 £4.50,  1956-57 £4,  1957-58 £3.50,  1958-59 £3,  1959-60 £2.50.



ACCRINGTON STANLEY      1956-57 Stockport £15.  1957-58 Oldham £15



1933-34  Derby (FAC, fld & r/s removed)  £40,  Newcastle (cr, sl/gr) £35,  Sheff Wed (p/h) £35.


1934-35  Huddersfield (p/h, rs)  £35,  Sheff Wed (fld)  £35. 


1935-36  Birmingham (sl r/s) £45,  Sheff Wed (p/h, r/s)  £30. West Brom (p/h, rs) £35.  Wolves (p/h) £35.   


1936-37  Brentford (r/s rem, sl fld) £40,  Sheff Wed (fld) £40, Sunderland (fld, r/s, tape mark)  £30.   Reserves :  West Ham (fld) £35.


1937-38  Blackpool (sl fld)  £35,  Bolton (FAC, r/s rem, fld)  £40,  Brentford (r/s rem, sc - includes 38-39 season ticket form)  £40, 

Charlton (sc)  £40, Derby  (sl r/s, tc) £40, Grimsby (sl r/s)  £45, Huddersfield (sl fld, r/s)  £35,  Man City (sc) £40,

Preston (fld/cr/tc) £25.          Reserves :  Charlton (fld, sl trs) £30, 


1938-39  Aston V (sl rs) £45,  Birmingham (r/s, sc, sl st) £35, Grimsby (sl rs) £45,  Leicester (sl rs)  £45,  Sunderland (fld) £35.                   1943-44  QPR (sc/tc),  £25. 


1944-45  Brentford (sl fld/tc) £25,  Millwall (p/h, tc) £20,  Reading (Lge Sth Cup, p/h, tc, sc)  £20.


1945-46  Chelsea (p/h, trs, tatty) £8, Derby (tc) £10, Leicester (sof/sl trs/fld) £8,  Moscow Dynamo (Fr, fld) £40,  West Brom (p/h, tc)  £10.


1946-47  Grimsby (p/h), Sunderland (cr).   1947-48 Bradford PA (FAC).  Reserves : Crystal P. (Combination Cup, fold/grubby) £3


1948-49  Blackpool, Sheff Utd.       1949-50  Charlton (r/s rem), Sunderland,  West Brom (r/s) £6.                               


1950-51  Blackpool (p/h) £3, Burnley (p/h), £3,  Everton, Newcastle, Sunderland (p/h) £3,  West Brom (p/h) £3, Wolves (fld/tc/nob) £6. 


1951-52   Barnsley (FAC), Blackpool, Bolton (fld) £5, Burnley (p/h, fold) £4, Charlton (p/h, sof) £4,  Derby (p/h, wob, fld) £4,  Fulham,

Man City (p/h to top & cuttings) £3,   Preston (c/s, fld)  £4,  Stoke (p/h to top & cuttings) £3,  Sunderland, West Brom (p/h fld). 

At Arsenal : Brentford v. Luton (F.A. Cup 4th Rnd, 2nd replay - sl trs/fld/cell spine) £5. 


1952-53  Bolton, Charlton (sl fld), Middlesbrough (sl stain), Preston, Sheff Wed (stain), Stoke, Tottenham (sl fld), West Brom,

Wolves (p/h to top & cuttings) £3..    1953-54  Aston V., Blackpool, Burnley (sl stain),  Portsmouth.  

1954-55  Aston V (rs), Everton (rs/sl gr).  1955-56  Aston V., Birmingham (FAC), Blackpool (sc, tc), Bolton (fld), Burnley, Chelsea, Newcastle (tc), Sheff Utd, Sunderland, West Brom,  Wolves.    1957-58  Portsmouth, Tottenham.   

1958-59  Everton (sc),  Portsmouth (p/h), Wolves.    

1959-60 (all neat nof/score noted inside)  Birmingham, Blackburn, Fulham, Leicester, Newcastle, Preston, Rotherham (FAC), West Brom.



1924-25 Bury inc Liverpool Reserves (ex-binder, detached covers, loose pages) £40, Liverpool (Jan, ex-binder, detached covers, loose pages) £45.     Reserves : Sheff Utd (ex-binder) £40,  Stoke/Man City double issue  (ex-binder, detached covers, loose pages) £35


1925-26  Reserves, Bury (ex-binder, detached covers, loose pages) £35.            1932-33  Bradford (FAC, sl fld/sl tr)  £40.     


1954-55  Preston (p/h) £4.   1955-56  Man City (wof & inside) £2.50.   1956-57  Everton (tr) £3, Leeds/Man City double issue (fld) £3.        1957-58  Luton (wof, tape mk).   1958-59  West Brom (tr/wof)  £2.     1959-60  Huddersfield (fld),  Preston (FAC fld/tc).


BARNSLEY  1959-60  Reading      BARROW   1954-55  Accrington Stanley £12.  1957-58 Gateshead  £10.   1958-59 Doncaster £8.



1954-55  Stoke (p/h).  1955-56  Luton (p/h, tc).   1957-58  Nott'm F.    1958-59  Portsmouth (wof).   1959-60  Blackpool.


BLACKPOOL    1957-58  Newcastle.   


BOLTON  WANDERERS    1957-58  Burnley, Luton.   1958-59 Preston (FAC).   1959-60  West Brom.


BOURNEMOUTH    1959-60 York.                  BRADFORD PARK AVENUE   1953-54  Barnsley (fld)  £12.       



1937-38  Leicester £50.          1938-39  Everton (hole to top left corner)  £35,  Newcastle (FAC, p/h) £35.    


1943-44  Crystal P (Lge Sth Cup, sc)  £25.      1944-45  Fulham (Lge Sth Cup, fld/sof), Millwall (Lge Sth Cup, pin),  QPR (sc)  £20 each.


1945-46  Arsenal (p/h), Aston V,  Charlton, Charlton (FAC, gr/fld),  Derby, Fulham, Portsmouth.  


1947-48  Bradford PA, Cardiff (sc), Luton (score noted), Middlesbrough (fld/sl trs) £6, Sheff Wed (p/h) £8,  West Brom (c/s, tc, piece missing from back cover, poor)  £4.  


1948-49  Blackburn (tc), West Brom (wof).           1949-50  Cardiff (c/s) £5,  Preston (wof),  Sheff Utd.


1950-51  Grimsby, Preston,  QPR (r/s rem, writing inside),  Sheff Utd (fld).          


1951-52  Blackburn (tc), Cardiff (rs), Hull (tc),  Leicester (tc) Luton, Nott'm F (sl fld), Swansea.


1952-53  Blackburn (tr) £4, Fulham (c/s) £4, Plymouth.


1953-54  Blackburn (r/s), Bury (tc, wof) Derby (tc, wof, includes report), Notts Co, Plymouth (sl gr).  


1954-55 (tc & sl r/s to most)  Brighton, Bristol C., Crystal P, Dundee (Fr, fld, sl gr)  £10,  Gillingham,

International Managers XI (Fr, fld sl gr) £8,  Millwall (wof), Newport,  Orient (sof),  Shrewsbury,  Swindon, Torquay, Walsall. 


1955-56  International Managers XI (Fr)  £6, Orient, San Lorenzo (Fr, cr)  £3, Torquay (fld).   1956-57  Newport (tc), Walsall.


1957-58  Aldershot, Brighton (cr/gr), Colchester, Millwall, Plymouth (tc), Port Vale, Shrewsbury, Southend, Torquay,  Walsall (fld).


1958-59  Accrington, Barnsley (FAC), Colchester (tc), Doncaster, Halifax, Hull, Mansfield, Norwich,

Plymouth, Reading (fld), Rochdale, Southend, Stockport, Tranmere.


1959-60  Chesterfield (tc), Coventry, Halifax, Norwich (tc), Port Vale,  Shrewsbury, Southampton (gr), Tranmere.


BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION   1953-54 Orient.  1957-58 Brentford, Northampton (fld).

1958-59  Barnsley, Bristol R, Charlton, Grimsby, Middlesbrough, Orient, Sheff Wed, Sunderland, Swansea.  Reserves : Bristol C

1959-60  Charlton.


BRISTOL CITY      1956-57  Fulham, Orient.     1957-58  Charlton.     1958-59  Blackpool (FAC).          



1955-56  Barnsley, Doncaster, Nott'm F (sl gr).   1956-57  Preston (FAC), Rotherham (fld).   1957-58  Mansfield (FAC),  Swansea.

1958-59  Barnsley, Charlton, Sunderland (gr/trs), Swansea.    1959-60  Charlton, Preston (FAC), Sheff Utd.



1954-55  Everton (cellotaped throughout, poor) £2.50, Wolves (p/h, tr, poor)  £3.   1955-56  Birmingham (p/h) £3.  1956-57  Wolves.



1949-50  Blackpool (grubby/top right corner piece missing) £4,   Everton (cell spine/tape) £4.  1951-52  Bolton.  1954-55  Cardiff (c/s, trs, poor) £2.    1956-57  Leeds, Portsmouth (c/s) £3.   1957-58  Blackburn (fld, sl tr)  Fulham, Fulham (FAC), Sheff Utd.   



1950-51  Derby (r/s rem), Wolves (cr)   1951-52 Tranmere (FAC, c/s, p/h)  £3.   1952-53  Blackpool (sl tr), Bolton (wof) £5,

Portsmouth (sl tr), Wolves.   1953-54  Aston V (p/h, fold) £4, Bolton,  Huddersfield (sc),  Preston, Sheff Utd (p/h) £4, Sheff Wed (c/s) £3.  

1955-56  Arsenal (sc), Bolton (sc), Burnley (FAC), Cardiff (sof),  Huddersfield,  Portsmouth, Sunderland (sof/tc),  West Brom (fld),

Wolves (r/s).    1956-57  Birmingham, Blackpool, Tottenham.   1957-58  Blackpool, Bolton (sc), Everton (tc), Newcastle, Preston.   

1958-59  Arsenal (fld), Aston V,  Birmingham, Blackburn (tc), Blackpool, Bolton,  Burnley, Everton (fld),  Man City (sof), Nott'm F, Preston, West Brom (sof), West Ham, Wolves.     1959-60  Arsenal, Aston V (FAC, cr/sof), Blackpool (tc),  Preston (tc), West Brom, West Ham (sof/tc). 


COLCHESTER UNITED   1948-49  Reading (FAC, p/h).        



1957-58  Gateshead (Durham Cup SF), Southport (p/h).  1958-59  Hartlepool (c/s), Walsall (c/s),  Workington (c/s). 

1959-60  Prescott Cables (FAC)


DONCASTER ROVERS   1956-57  Bury (sl fld/tc/sob).   1957-58 Fulham            


EVERTON   1959-60  Luton.         EXETER CITY   1958-59  Oldham (sof)


FULHAM         1934-35  Reserves  :  Crystal P (r/s rem, with slight paper loss)  £35

1935-36  Barnsley (r/s with slight paper loss) £40.     Reserves  :  Reading,  £30 


1936-37   Bury (r/s rem, slight paper loss) £35,  Sheffield Utd £45.    

Reserves  (all p/h & r/s)  Crystal Palace,  Luton,  Portsmouth,  £25 each


1937-38  Bradford Park Avenue (h/t scoreboard noted in pencil)  £45.


1938-39  Blackburn,  Swansea  £45 each.    Reserves : West Ham, £30    


1944-45  Reading (sc/tc)  £25.           1945-46  Arsenal (p/h, neat tc).


1946-47  Newcastle (trs/cs/poor) £5, Nott'm F (sof/sl trs)  £8,  West Ham (p/h, wob)  £6.    1948-49  Barnsley (p/h), QPR (cs) £7.


1949-50  Burnley (p/h, fld, wob) £5,  Man Utd  £10,  Newcastle, Wolves (FFC first game in Div. 1)  £15.     


1950-51  Newcastle (cs/fld/wob) £5.


1951-52  Arsenal (cs/ph) £4, Aston V (tr/piece missing from cover) £4, Man City (p/h, c/s, nob, poor) £3,

Newcastle (r/s, fld)  £5,  Preston (p/h, nob, poor) £3,  Sunderland (fld, p/h, c/s) £3.


1952-53  Barnsley (cs/fld) £3, Birmingham (p/h) £5, Blackburn (cs/ph) £3,  Bury (nob, stain) £3, Doncaster (p/h, c/s, very poor)  £2,

Leicester (p/h) £5, Luton, Nott'm F (r/s), Rotherham (p/h) £4, Sheff Utd (sl fld).


1953-54  Blackburn (fld) £4, Derby (fld), Grimsby (FAC, 13 Jan Ab, heavy cs/tape repair, p/h) £2, Leeds (fld) £4, Luton (c/s) £4,

Stoke ('complimentary' stamped on front)  £5, Swansea (c/s) £3.   


1954-55  Ipswich (heavy fld) £3, Luton, Preston (FAC),  West Ham (cs) £3.  


1955-56  Blackburn,  Doncaster (p/h, gr) £3, Middlesbrough  (fld/gr)  £3, Newcastle (FAC, sl flds),  Sheff Wed, West Ham (sl tr).


1956-57  Bury, Nott'm F,  Swansea (sl gr).


1957-58  Blackburn, Bristol C, Bristol R, Bristol R (FAC),  Charlton, Charlton (FAC), Ipswich ('complimentary' stamped on cover),

Middlesbrough (sl tr) £3, Orient, West Ham, Yeovil (FAC).


1958-59  Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol R, Charlton, Grimsby (sl fld, wof), Ipswich, Lincoln, Liverpool (sof), Middlesbrough,

Peterborough (FAC), Rotherham (fld/gr), Scunthorpe, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed (sof), Sunderland, Swansea (fld).


1959-60  Birmingham, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Burnley, Chelsea, Everton, Hull (FAC), Leeds, Luton, Luton (Southern Floodlit Cup

@ Brentford) £10, Man City, Man Utd,  Newcastle,  Nott'm F., Preston,  Sheff Wed, Tottenham, West Brom, West Ham.


GRIMSBY TOWN    1956-57  Huddersfield, Swansea.  1959-60  York


HUDDERSFIELD  1950-51  Wolves (sc, rs).   1953-54 Sheff Wed (tc),  1956-57  Barnsley           


IPSWICH TOWN  1956-57  Walsall (p/h)  £2.   1958-59  Rotherham.     


LEYTON  ORIENT                                                  

1956-57  Leicester.   1957-58  Bristol C., Fulham, Reading (FAC).  1958-59  Fulham.  1959-60  Portsmouth (r/s), Swansea (r/s).



1953-54  Fulham (r/s sc).  1955-56   Arsenal ('Complimentary' stamped on cover), Birmingham (split spine/fld)  £3, Blackpool (fld),

Bolton, Burnley,  Newcastle.  1956-57  Aston V (sof), Birmingham (fld), Blackpool,  Charlton,  Everton (cell throughout, fld, poor) £2,  Portsmouth (sl stain), Preston, Sheff Wed.    1957-58  Leicester (fld), Newcastle (r/s), Sunderland (r/s), West Brom (fld).

1958-59  Arsenal, Blackburn, Bolton, Leicester, Man Utd., West Brom, Wolves (fld).   1959-60  Blackpool (ink stain), Everton (ink stain) Fulham,  Leicester, Newcastle (ink stain), Nott'm F,  West Brom (fld/cr), Wolves, Wolves (FAC).



1946-47  Burnley (p/h, rs)              


1955-56  Arsenal, Blackpool (r/s rem, tm, cr), Blackpool (FAC), Burnley, Chelsea (r/s),  Newcastle (r/s),  Portsmouth (r/s, slight paper loss), Preston (r/s).


1956-57  Blackpool, Cardiff (r/s rem, tc), Charlton (r/s rem, tm), Everton(r/s, tc), Newcastle (tm)  Portsmouth,  Preston (r/s rem, tc), 

Werder Bremen (Fr, r/s rem, sl gr), Wolves. 


1957-58  Nott'm F (fld, r/s), Portsmouth (nob), West Brom. 


1958-59  Arsenal, Aston V., Birmingham, Blackpool, Everton, Newcastle, Nott'm F,  Portsmouth, Preston,  West Brom, Wolves (fld). 


1959-60  Arsenal, Blackburn, Bolton, Burnley, Fulham, Hibernian (Fr) £4, Leicester, Luton,  Nott'm F, Preston,

St. Mirren (Fr, r/s rem, tm) £3, Sheff Wed, West Brom.



1948-49  Orient (trs/fld) £6,  Port Vale.  1955-56  Brentford, Charlton (Kent Cup), Norwich, Reading (Sthn Floodlit Cup), Rotherham (Fr).    1959-60  Crewe (sc), Gillingham, Stockport (sc), Torquay, Workington.


NEWPORT  COUNTY.   1959-60  Chesterfield (p/h, score noted).     


NOTTINGHAM  FOREST   1946-47  Leicester (fld/cr)  £8.    1956-57 (score/attendance on front on most)  Barnsley, Bristol C.,

Leicester, Port Vale.      1957-58 (score/attendance on front on most)  Arsenal, Birmingham, Blackpool, Leicester, Luton, Man City, Portsmouth, Preston, Sheff Wed, Sunderland, West Brom, West Brom (FAC).    1958-59 (score/attendance on front on most)  Birmingham (FAC), Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Bolton (FAC), Burnley, Everton, Luton, Man City, Man Utd, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Preston,

West Brom.   1959-60 (score/attendance on front on most)  Birmingham, Blackburn,  Blackpool, Bolton, Fulham, Leicester, Luton,

Man City, Newcastle, Preston, West Brom, Wolves.


NOTTS COUNTY    1958-59 Doncaster (r/s).  1959-60 (r/s, or r/s rem to most)  Barrow, Bradford PA,  Darlington,

Doncaster, Gillingham, Northampton, Rochdale, Southport, Stockport, Torquay, Watford, Workington.


PLYMOUTH   1957-58  Newcastle (FAC, tc),  1958-59 Gillingham (FAC, tc).     


PORTSMOUTH    1953-54  Bolton (FAC),  Huddersfield  (wof/sl tr).          PORT VALE   1958-59 Barrow.    



1949-50  Tottenham (c/s) £5.  1950-51 Grimsby.  1954-55 Linz (Fr)  £15.  1955-56  Walsall (fld/gr) £3. 

1958-59  Rochdale.   1959-60  Coventry (p/h), Halifax, Norwich.



1956-57  Bristol C (fld). 1957-58 Blackburn (fld),  Grimsby (FAC fld).   1958-59  Norwich (FAC fld).   1959-60  Rotherham.



1952-53  Burnley.   1957-58  Leicester, Luton, Newcastle.   1958-59  Bristol C, Bristol R (sc), Grimsby, Huddersfield (fld), Orient (fld), .  1959-60 Bolton (sc), Peterborough (FAC).


SHREWSBURY TOWN    1958-59  Gateshead (fld, sl r/s)  £5,  1959-60  Colchester.    SOUTHEND UTD    1953-54  Southampton (p/h).


STOCKPORT COUNTY   1959-60 Bradford PA.                     STOKE  CITY    1959-60  Orient     


TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR       1934-35  Bolton (FAC, small holes)  £40.         1937-38  Reserves  :  Fulham £50.

Expect the usual condition issues with these 1950's four-page programmes  -  1951-52  Bolton (trs/tc/tatty)  £4. 

1953-54  West Brom(tc). 1956-57 Sunderland (sl tr).   1957-58  Arsenal (tc), Newcastle (fld/sl trs), Portsmouth (sl trs),  Preston,

Sheff Utd (FAC, fld).   1958-59  Aston V (fld/tc),  West Brom (tc), Wolves.    1959-60  Birmingham, Bolton (sc), Leicester, Nott'm F (tc), Torpedo Moscow (Fr, sl trs) £4, Wolves (tc).  


WATFORD    1958-59  Crystal P., Reading, Shrewsbury (28 Apr, Ab), Walsall.    1959-60  Birmingham (FAC),  Gillingham.



1944-45  Aston V (fld, trs, sl tatty) £15.    1957-58  Blackpool, Wolves.   1958-59  Luton, Man City. 1959-60  Bolton (p/h, fld), 

Burnley (sc, wob),  Newcastle (rs)  Plymouth (FAC), Preston, Sheff Wed (tc).



1958-59  Arsenal (c/s, poor) £2, Blackburn, Nott'm F.  1959-60 Burnley (sl damage, top left corner),  Leeds ("complimentary" stamped on

bottom of cover), Man City (wof), Newcastle (sc/tr), West Brom (fld).



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