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Coming from the Charles Buchan Football Monthly stable, Goal reigned supreme as the leading weekly football magazine during the late 1960's and early 1970's, centring heavily on the First & Second Divisions. It was the benchmark for the other weekly football publications which followed later. The first issue appeared for the week ending 10th August 1968, and ran for just short of six years, with the final magazine being dated 1st June 1974, after which the title was bought by Shoot, though purely to prevent another publisher producing another magazine with the same title.


Full colour front and back covers were present throughout, as was a colour centre pull out, with the internal colour content increasing as the publication matured (details of which are listed against each publication date - front cover/centre pages/back cover/other, other, other etc. Photos for players in International colours are shown in italics, for instance in Issue 42 dated May 24th 1969 Terry Neill is Northern Ireland kit). We currently have plenty of good quality magazines available, with all but a handful of the 296 published issues in stock.


With a near full set of magazines currently at our disposal, we have left the FULL listings of poster content up for collectors' reference. Magazines which are currently unavailable have been faded to green.




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Aug  10  (Issue 1)   George Best & Emlyn Hughes/Liverpool/Mike Summerbee, Tommy Gemmell, Rodney Marsh, Kevin Hector/Maurice Setters, Trevor Brooking   -  £5

Aug  17   (2)   Bobby Moore/Man Utd/Bob McKinley/Ftizpartick Iley Jones & Simpson, Bill Baxter.

Aug  24   (3)   Mike England/West Brom/World Club Champ Magazine ad/Colin Bell, Allan Clarke, Mike Bullock

Aug  31   (4)   Brian Kidd/Arsenal/Tony Green/Jimmy Greaves, Bernard Shaw.


Sep    7   (5)   George Best/Everton/John Hollins/John Sissons, Gerry Young.

Sep  14   (6)   Billy Bremner/Chelsea/Joe Royle/Mike Summerbee, Willie Henderson.

Sep  21   (7)   Tommy Smith/Sunderland/Martin Chivers/Peter Grummitt, Chris Lawler

Sep  28   (8)   Peter Osgood/Nott'm F/Bobby Saxton/Peter Simpson, Gordon West


Oct    5   (9)     Billy Bremner, Jack Charlton & Phil Parkes/Celtic/Johnny Vincent/Gordon Harris, Harry Gregory.

Oct  12   (10)   Tony Hateley & Brian Labone/Tottenham/Ian & Roger Morgan/Nobby Stiles,

Mike O'Grady.

Oct  19   (11)   Denis Law/Leeds/Ron Davies, Tommy White, Frank Large.

Oct  26   (12)   Frank McLintock/Blackpool/Alan Mullery/Sandy Jardine, Dave Bacuzzi.


Nov   2   (13)   Peter Knowles/Cardiff/Bobby Tambling/John Barnwell, Willie Irvine.

Nov   9   (14)   Peter Collins & Alun Evans/Sheff Utd/Peter Eustace/Hurst Sheppard & Talbut, Southampton.

Nov  16  (15)   Keith Newton/Middlesbrough/Charlie Cooke & Alan Ball/David Craig,

Terry Hennessey.

Nov  23  (16)   Alex Stepney & Joe Royle/Derby/Gil Reece/Jimmy Pearce, Derek Dougan.

Nov  30  (17, incorrectly numbered as 16)  Terry Paine/Leicester/Alan Taylor/Bob Wilson,

Billy McNeill.


Dec   7   (18)   Eusebio/Darlington/Dixie Hale/Willie Henderson, Rodney Marsh.

Dec  14  (19)   David Webb/Bunley/Terry Neill & Wyn Davies/Terry Venables, Don Megson.

Dec  21  (20)   Terry Neill/Bolton/Keith Weller/Ian Callaghan, Bobby Ferguson.

Dec  28  (21)   Ian St. John/Martin Peters/Jon Sammels/Billy Bremner, Jerry Gurr, Alan Birchenall, Alun Evans.




Jan    4   (22)   Bobby Thomson/Watford/Jimmy Johnstone/Bob McNab, Billy Dickson.

Jan   11  (23)   Bobby Gould/QPR/Peter Silvester/Dave Clements, David Chadwick.

Jan   18  (24)   Alan Ball/Ipswich/Colin Harvey/Tony Hateley, Joe Kirkup.

Jan   25  (25)   Fred Kemp & Trevor Shepherd/Newcastle/Matt Busby/Roger Hunt


Feb   1   (26)   Gordon Banks/Dundee Utd/David Court/Jim McCalliog, Colin Todd.

Feb    8  (27)   Jimmy Greaves/Aston V/John Fitzpatrick/Wyn Davies, John Boyle.

Feb  15  (28)   Peter Thompson/Man City/Brian Kinsey/Tommy Lawrence, Peter Grummitt.

Feb  22  (29)   Terry Cooper/Sheff Wed/Alex Stepney & George Best/Willie Carr, Alan Gilzean.


Mar    1  (30)   Bobby Charlton/Birmingham/Jimmy Husband/John Osborne, Alan Anderson.

Mar    8  (31)   Peter Bonetti/Charlton/Alick Jeffrey/John Radford, George McLean.

Mar  15  (32 - L)  Ian Ure/Swindon/Don MacKay/Frank McLintock, John Toshack.

Mar  22  (33)   Peter Shilton/Target Wembley !/Emlyn Hughes/Len Glover, Mike Bailey.

Mar  29  (34)   Mike O'Grady/Portsmouth/Paul Reaney/Colin Bell, David Herd.


Apr   5   (35)   Ron Davies/Wolves/Ron Harris/Tommy Wright, Ken Knighton.

Apr  12  (36)   Francis Lee/Stoke/Barrie Jones/Peter Rodrigues, Billy Neal

Apr  19  (37)   Denis Law/Hull/Jimmy Armfield/Tony Brown, Charlie Cooke.

Apr  26  (38 - F)  Cup Final cover/David Nish & Tony Book/Colin Bell & Andy Lochhead/Man City, Leicester, Rangers, Celtic.


May    3  (39)  Billy Bremner/Crystal P/Tony Book with F.A. Cup/Geoff Hurst, Colin Waldron.

May  10  (40)  Jimmy Johnstone/Dunfermline/George Best/Mick Jones.

May  17  (41)  Billy Bremner & Gary Sprake - Champions !/Norman Hunter, Paul Madeley &

Billy Bremner/Roger Hoy/Leslie Wilson

May  24  (42)  Derek Dougan/Terry Neill/Tommy Wright/George Graham.

May  31  (43)  Wyn Davies/Man City/Allan Clarke/Pat Crerand.


June    7  (44)   Alan Mullery/Mr. X - Bobby Moore/Ralph Coates/Sandy Brown, Alan Birchenall.

June  14  (45)  Jack Charlton/Astle, Banks, Peters, Newton & Ball/Roger Morgan/Graham Cross, David Walker.

June 21  (46)  Bob Moncur/England In Mexico/Brian Labone/Newcastle in Fairs Cup, Tommy Taylor

June 28  (47)  Martin Peters/Doncaster/Bobby Murdoch/Keith Newton, Bryan Robson.


July   5  (48)   Colin Bell/Brian Kidd & Tommy Booth/Alan Ball/Roy McFarland, John Sissons.

July 12  (49)   Allan Clarke/Tommy Baldwin & John Talbut/Steve James & Terry Hennessey/Barrie Jones, Kai Johnasen.

July 19  (50)   Ron Davies & Terry Paine/West Ham v. Everton/Mike Doyle & Jimmy Greaves/Peter Rodrigues, Bobby Graham.

July 26  (51)   Pat Jennings/Scotland/Derek Possee & George Ley/John Sewell, Dave Thomas.


Aug    2  (52)   Mike Summerbee/George Best/Peter Bonetti/Len Glover, Phil Beal.

Aug    9  (53)   Bobby Charlton/Leeds/Roger Kenyon/Ian Hutchinson, John Greig, Willie Carlin.

Aug  16  (54)   Jack Charlton & Alan Oakes/Newcastle/Geoff Hurst/Terry Neill, John Ritchie,

Ralph Coates.

Aug  23  (55)   Mike England/Everton/Ian Ure & Bob McNab/Bobby Hope, Tommy Lawrence,

Bruce Rioch.

Aug  30  (56)   Alan Ball/Tottenham/Martin Peters/Brian Kidd, Ian Callaghan, Tony Taylor.


Sep    6  (57)   Tommy Craig/Mr X - Francis Lee/George Best/Andy Lochead, Eddie McCreadie,  Alun Evans, Eric McCordie.  

Sep  13  (58)   Peter Dobing/Southampton/Ian St. John/Gordon Banks, John Toshack,

Martin Chivers.

Sep  20  (59)   Alan Mullery/Derby/Charlie George & Tommy Jackson/Bernard Shaw,

Jimmy Rimmer, Danny Hegan, Jimmy Lindsey

Sep  27  (60)   Ian Ure/Arsenal/Barry Bridges & Dennis Butler/Star Parade (Hennessey, Rocha, Lee, Mullery, England, Banks, Albert, & Best), Alan Gilzean & Chris Lawler.


Oct   4   (61)   Pele/Dundee United/Colin Todd/Star Parade (Stein, Pele, Ball, Dougan, Giles, Law, Amancio, Moore), Don Rogers, Ayr.

Oct  11  (62)   Terry Venables/Coventry/Peter Cormack/Star Parade (Kindvall, Greaves, Stiles, Sprake, Davies, Hurst, Puzach, Johnstone), Cyril Knowles, Mick Jones.

Oct  18  (63)   George Graham & Mick Coop/Chelsea v.Wolves/Ron Yeats & Tommy Lawrence/Star Parade (Labone, Tostao, Pircolab, Jennings, Bremner, R. Charlton, Peters, Mazzola), Alan Hinton,

Willie Waddell.

Oct  25  (64)   Jim Baxter/Crystal P/Bobby Lennox & Tommy Gemmell/Star Parade (McCreadie, Dunne, St. John, Newton, Davies, J. Charlton, Rodrigues, Eusebio), Rod Thomas, Fred Kemp.


Nov   1   (65)   Frank Munro/Liverpool/Ian Bowyer/Ernie Hunt, John Boyle, Paul Madeley,

Tommy Gibb.

Nov    8  (66)   Mick Jones/Cardiff/Bobby Charlton & Joe Royle/Geoff Hurst & Jimmy Greaves, John Connolly, Colin Bell, Jimmy Pearce.

Nov  15  (67)   Terry Hennessey/Port Vale & Torquay/Harry Gregory & Paul Went/Geoff Strong, Billy Bonds, Mel Sutton, Don Givens.

Nov  22  (68)   Francis Lee/Brazil Bombshells - Jairzinho, Edu, Tostau, Pele/Colin Harvey & Tony Dunne, Joe Harper, Bobby Moore, Birchenall Boyle & Baldwin, Barrie Hole.

Nov  29  (69)   Charlie Cooke/Manchester City/Gordon West/Eddie Gray, Brian O'Neil,

Joe McBride, Eamonn Rogers.


Dec   6   (70)   Francis Burns/Ipswich/Colin Stein & John Clark/Steve Perryman & Gerry Young, Jimmy Husband, Emlyn Hughes.

Dec  13  (71)   Geoff Hurst/QPR/Colin Suggett/Maurice Setters, Kevin Hector, Allan Mansley, Fitzpatrick Charlton & Gowling.

Dec  20  (72)   Jon Sammels/Stoke/Pat Jennings/John Talbut, John Fallon, Dave Clements,

Wyn Davies.

Dec  27  (73)   Bobby Charlton/Hearts/Trevor Brooking & Graham Pugh/Mike Doyle, Terry Yorath, Bill Baxter,  Jim Montgomery, Duncan Neale, Dundalk.




Jan    3  (74)   Tony Book/West Brom/Willie Carlin & Ron Webster/Peter Simpson, John Sjoberg, Dennis Tueart.

Jan  10  (75)   Bryan Robson/Holland/Alex Stepney & Tony Dunne/Jimmy Nicholson,

Alan Hodgkinson, Nigel Cassidy, Keith Allen.

Jan  17  (76)   Gordon Banks/West Ham/John Radford/Ian Storey-Moore, Joe Royle,

Tommy Lawrence, Don Martin.

Jan  24  (77)   Emlyn Hughes/Sheff Utd/Alan Gilzean & Alan Stephenson/Alan Oakes,

an Hutchinson, David Sadler, Joe Laidlaw

Jan  31  (78)   Dave Clements/Huddersfield/Jeff Blockley/Jim Cumbes, Dave Thomas,

Frank Lampard, Gordon Marshall


Feb   7   (79)   Peter Marinello/Middlesbrough/Tommy Smith/David Nish, Roger Hoy,

Tommy Craig, Andy Rolland.

Feb  14  (80)   Peter Eustace/Wolves/Sammy Nelson, Terry Neill & Pat Rice/Ray Martin,

Fred Pickering, Tony Currie, Tommy Wright.

Feb  21  (81)   Jack Charlton/Watford/Brian Kidd & David Best/Cyril Knowles, David Webb,

Les Green, Chris Lawler

Feb  28  (82)   Peter Osgood/Blackburn/Bob Chapman/Gary Sprake, John O'Hare, Alan Whittle,

Jon Sammels


Mar    7  (83 - L)  Francis Lee & Jeff Astle/Man City & West Brom/Colin Bell & David Sadler/Ralph Coates, Bobby Hope, Ernie Hunt.

Mar  14  (84)   Barry Endean/Birmingham/David Woodfield/Peter Houseman, Norman Hunter,

Pat Crerand, Rodney Marsh.

Mar  21  (85)   Willie Carr/Burnley/Peter Shilton/John Hickton, Peter Wall, Gary Bell, Orient.

Mar  28  (86)   Martin Peters/Sheff Wed/Bob McNab/Henry Newton, Mike Channon, Dick Habbin, Chesterfield.


Apr   4   (87)  Colin Harvey/Rangers/John McPhee/Jimmy McGill, Bryan King, Mick Mills, Brentford

Apr  11  (88 - F)  Billy Bremner & Ron Harris/Leeds & Chelsea/Paul Reaney & George Best/Leeds v. Man Utd semi-final, Peter Osgood & Alan Hudson, Peter Bonetti, Jack Charlton,

Tommy Gemmell, Aberdeen. 

Apr  18  (89)  Bertie Auld/Hearts/Harris, Hudson & Hollins/Emlyn Hughes/Willie Morgan & Terry Cooper, Ron Davies, Keith Newton, Barnsley.

Apr  25  (90)  Eddie Gray/Bobby Charlton & Mike England/Alan Ball/Brian Kidd & Carlo Sartori,

Allan Hunter, Charlie George, Colin Stein & Tom Forsyth.


May   2   (91 - E)  Billy McNeill/Celtic/Jimmy Greaves & Geoff Hurst/Scots In Action.

May   9   (92)   Jimmy Armfield/Israel & Uruguay/Derek McKay/Swansea

May  16  (93)   Brian Kidd/Brazil/Eddie Kelly & John Jackson/Paul van Himst

May  23  (94 WC)   Alf Ramsey/Gordon Banks/Roy Ellam/Nobby Stiles, Norman Hunter,

Chris Cattlin

May  30  (95 WC)   Bobby Moore/Tostao & Peru/Leisure Time in Mexico/Mordecai Spiegler, Linfield.


June    6  (96 WC)   Geoff Hurst/Brazil/Colin Bell/Anatoli Byshovets.

June  13  (97 WC)   Terry Cooper/England In Training/Czechoslovakia

June  20  (98 WC)   England v. Rumania/Martin Peters, Peter Rodrigues & Rod Thomas/Duel In

The Aztec (Mexico v. Russia)/Bobby Charlton & Nobby Stiles, Alan Mullery, Gordon Banks,

Dimitar Yakimov.

June  27  (99 WC)   Brazil - Champions !/England/England v. Rumania/Brazil v. Czechoslovakia, Alan Ball & Bobby Charlton, Gustavo Pena, Jack Charlton.


July   4   (100 WC)  World Cup Final action/Brazil/Roberto Boninsegna/Brazil v. England,

Italy v. Uruguay, Anzor Kavazashvilli, England v. Rumania.

July  11  (101)   George Best/Brazil v. Italy/England v. West Germany/Peru v. West Germany, England v. West Germany, Bobby Moncur, Tom Jenkins.

July  18  (102)   Bobby Tambling & Alan Birchenall/Martin Chivers, John Roberts & Peter Simpson/Francis Lee/Allan Clarke, World Cup Final action, Gerd Muller, Gerson.

July  25  (103)   Brian Labone/Crystal Palace v. Everton/Bob Wilson/John O'Rourke, Tony Dunne, Tommy Baldwin & Peter Mellor, Jim Cruickshank.


Aug    1  (104)   Wyn Davies/Cambridge United/Mike Doyle/Ernie Hunt & Terry Conroy,

Francis Burns, Sandy Brown, Bobby Watson.

Aug    8  (105)   Hugh Curran/QPR/Peter Simpson & Derek Dougan/Geoff Hurst, Jim Forrest,

Peter Houseman & George Best, George McVitie.
Aug  15  (106)   Alan Ball/Arsenal/Charlie Cooke & Alan Hudson/John Barnwell, Howard Kendall, John James, Liam O'Kane

Aug  22  (107)   Jimmy Greaves/Derby/Rod Thomas & Francis Lee/Eric Skeels, Peter Hindley,

David Gwyther, Tommy Taylor.

Aug  29  (108)   Dave Mackay/Newcastle/Pat Crerand/Terry Paine, Ian Watson, Arfon Griffiths,

Alan Slough.


Sep   5   (109)  Jimmy Nicholson/Everton/Willie Carr/Martin Chivers, Peter Thompson,

Ray Martin, Billy Gray.

Sep  12  (110)  John Hollins/Man City/Jimmy Johnstone/Peter Grotier, Roger Kenyon,

Don Murray, Ken Wagstaff.

Sep  19  (111)   Ian Callaghan/Rangers/Cyril Knowles & Clyde Best/Chelsea v. Everton,

Jim Henry, Huddersfield, Paul Richardson.

Sep  26  (112)   Ralph Coates/Wolves/Brian Kidd/Don Rogers, George Graham, Ron Wigg.


Oct    3  (113)   George Graham/Cardiff/Billy Bremner & Mick Jones/Pat McMahon,

Bill Bentley, Norman Piper.

Oct  10  (114)   Denis Law/Ipswich/Allan Clarke, Brian Labone & Sandy Brown/John Kaye,

George Smith, Eddie Kelly

Oct  17  (115)   Neil Martin/Leeds/Emlyn Hughes/Pele, Alan Oakes, Sandy McLaughlin.

Oct  24  (116)   David Hay/Oxford/Peter Bonetti & Ray Kennedy/Jeff Astle, Roger Hunt, David Ford

Oct  31  (117)   Henry Newton/Luton/John Winfield & Mike Summerbee/Eddie Gray,

Bobby Graham, Ted McDougall.


Nov    7  (118)   George Graham, Alan Ball & Henry Newton/Southampton/Albert Bennett/Tony Towers, Mike England & Terry Hennesey, Exeter.

Nov  14  (119)   Steve Kember/West Brom/Pat Jennings, Mike England & Neil Martin/John Fitzpatrick, John Galley, Steve Earle.

Nov  21  (120)  Geoff Hurst & Martin Peters/Hull/Ray Kennedy/Joe Royle, Bobby Murdoch, Halifax.

Nov  28  (121)   Roy McFarland/Sheff Utd/Norman Hunter/Mike Channon, Jackie Sinclair,

Roy Evans & Tony Brown.


Dec   5   (122)   Joe Royle/Bristol R/Steve Perryman/Jim McCalliog, Steve Smith, Plymouth.

Dec  12  (123)   Johnny Giles/Crystal P/Colin Suggett/Bobby Park, Harry Cripps & Derek Possee, Alan Bloor.

Dec  19  (124)   Tommy Taylor/Aston V/Gary Sprake/Peter McCormack, Martyn Busby, Les Green.

Dec  26  (125)   David Craig/Preston/Steve Heighway/Eddie Colquhoun, Jimmy Robertson,

Bill Glazier.




Jan   2   (126)   Ron Harris, We'll Hang On To It !/Tottenham/Tommy Gemmell & John Hughes/Mel Blyth, Bobby Woodruff, Joe Jopling & Malcolm Partridge. 

Jan   9   (127)   Andy Lochhead/Middlesbrough/Billy Bremner & Dennis Mortimer/Pat Rice,

Reading, Drew Jarvie.

Jan  16  (128)   Tommy Smith/Portsmouth/Trevor Cherry & Kevin Hector/Jimmy Conway,

Bob Latchford, Carlo Sartori.

Jan  23  (129)   Alan Mullery/Aberdeen/Man City in panto/Tony Green, David Gwyther, Chris Nicholl

Jan  30  (130)   George Best/Star Parade (Bell, Osgood, Clarke, Peters)/Terry Cooper & Jimmy Armfield/Bobby Owen, Jimmy McGill, Peter Oliver.


Feb    6  (131)   Colin Bell/Star Parade (Davies, Ball, Moncur, R. Charlton)/Ray Kennedy, George Graham & John McAlle/Mike Docherty, David Sloan, Peter Allen.

Feb  13  (132)   Martin Chivers/Star Parade (Moore, Lee, Banks, McLintock)/Terry Neill/Ian Callaghan, Clyde Best & Dave Mackay, Mike Pejic, Bobby Lennox

Feb  20  (133)   Paul Reaney/Star Parade (Hurst, Bremner, Storey-Moore/Dougan)/Tommy Baldwin & Liam O'Kane/Peter Storey, Mick Mills, Joe Laidlaw.

Feb  27  (134 - L)   Brian Godfrey & Alan Mullery/Tottenham & Aston V/Tom Jenkins/Cyril Knowles  & Phil Beal, Andy Lochhead & Bruce Rioch, Brian Tiler, Johnny Giles, Graham Cross.


Mar    6  (135)   Colin Todd/David Hay & Andy Rankin/Billy Bremner/Chris Lawler, Charlie George, John Hollins.

Mar  13  (136)   Trevor Francis/Chivers' Wembley Glory/Martin Buchan/Leighton Phillips,

Peter Wall, Jack Charlton & Jimmy Husband, John McGovern.

Mar  20  (137)   John Ritchie/West Ham/Willie Morgan/Bernard Shaw, Frank Burrows,

Ray Graydon, Shrewsbury.

Mar  27  (138)   Gordon Banks/Stoke & Everton, Hoping to meet at Wembley/Colin Jackson/Jon Sammels, John Sjoberg, Larry Lloyd, Alan Mullery.


Apr    3  (139)   Ray Kennedy/Coventry/Donald Ford/Don Givens, Tony Brown, Jimmy Lawson, Bradford.  

Apr  10  (140)   Ray Clemence/Swindon/Eric Probert/Roy McFarland, Howard Kendall,

Alan Williams, Roy Sinclair.

Apr  17  (141)   Derek Parkin/Chelsea/Jim Barron/John O'Hare, Barry Dyson, Willie Mathieson.
Apr  24  (142)   Peter Storey/Paul Edwards, Bobby Charlton & David Sadler/Mike Bailey,

John McAlle & Kenny Hibbitt/Gil Reece, Fred Turnbull, Jim Smith, St. Johnstone.


May    1  (143)   Tony Brown/Ready for Wembley/Alan Whittle/Ian Storey-Moore, Bill Baxter &

Ken Knighton, Dennis Martin.

May    8  (144 - F)   Frank McLintock & Tommy Smith/Liverpool & Arsenal/Litesome Ad/Ray Kennedy & Bob Wilson, George Graham, Steve Heighway, John Toshack, Alun Evans &

Chris Lawler, Tommy Gemmell & David Hay, Colin Stein & Dave McNicol.

May  15  (145)   Glyn James & Martin Chivers/England/Allan Clarke & Tony Green/Archie Gemmell, Paul Reaney & George Best.

May  22  (146)   Banks, Moore, Bremner & McLintock/Arsenal lift the Cup/David Craig,

Tommy Cassidy, Iam McFaul & John Cowan/Martin Peters, Hugh Curran & Denis Smith,

Bill Dearden, Notts County.

May  29  (147)   European Finals preview/Italian Aces/Bob McNab, John Toshack &

Ian Callaghan/Juventus, Luigi Riva, Inter Milan, Calgiari.


June    5  (148)   Johnny Giles/England "Dressed for Action"/Joe Corrigan & John Phillips/Bobby Ham, McFarland Mackay & Young, Mike England & Geoff Hurst, Frank Coulston.

June  12  (149)   Ralph Coates/Willie Carlin/Jack Charlton, Jeff Astle & Paul Reaney/John Roberts & Joe Royle, Alan Gowling & David Sadler, Gary Pendrey, Bryan Robson.

June  19  (150)   Peter Shilton/Midfield Marvels (Hollins, Giles, Mullery & Oakes)/Peter Bonetti/Francis Lee, Denis Smith & Mike Pejic, Sam Todd, Doug Fraser.

June  26  (151)   Peter Osgood/Keepers Supreme (Banks, Clemence, Shilton, & Wilson)/Alan Woollett & Don Rogers/George Armstrong, George Heslop, Harry Burrows, Billy Bonds..


July     3  (152)   Alan Ball/Sweeping to Success/Steve Heighway/Ray Treacy, Leicester Star Trio (Whitworth, Brown & Sjoberg), Alex Stepney, Ken Foggo.

July   10  (153)   Bobby Moncur/Leicester/Tommy Wright/Jimmy Gabriel, Colin Bell, Mick Jones, Bobby Gould & Derek Parkin.

July  17   (154)   Bobby Moore/£3 Million Album/Ron Davies/George Best, Scotland's All Stars, Terry Conroy.

July   24  (155)   George Best/Jack Charlton/Tommy Smith & John Toshack/Peter Osgood,

Brian Kidd, Willie Henderson & George Connolly, Terry Hennessey.

July   31  (156)   Derek Dougan/Goalmouth Thriller (Palace v. Everton)/Bobby Charlton,

Tony Dunne & John McGovern/Keith Weller & John Boyle, Mike Sutton, Bobby Clark,

Frank Worthington..


Aug     7  (157)    Jim Montgomery/Sheff Utd/Gordon Banks/Phil Hoadley, John McLaughlin & Steve Smith, Mike Kearns, Mike Summerbee.

Aug   14  (158)   Frank McLintock/Man Utd/Johnny Giles & Tony Towers/Liam O' Kane, Nobby Stiles, David Nish & Tommy Smith, Jeff Blockley, John Dempsey.

Aug   21  (159)   Terry Cooper/West Brom/Bobby Moore & Bob Moncur/John Sammels,

Billy Bremner & Allan Clarke, Laurie Sivell, John McDowell, Kevin Hector, Hugh Fisher.

Aug   28  (160)   Jeff Astle/Tottenham/Larry Lloyd/David Sunley, Neil Martin, Trevor Phillips,

Eddie Thompson, Denis Law, Chesterfield.


Sep    4   (161)   Alan Hudson/Stoke/Martin Chivers & David Webb/Stewart Scullion, Nigel Rees, Colin Harvey, Bob Curtis, Hearts.

Sep   11  (162)   Malcolm MacDonald/Arsenal/Alan Birchenall/Viv Busby, Trevor Francis,

Hugh McIlmoye

Sep   18  (163)   Billy Dearden/Leeds/John Radford/Johnny Ayris, Derek Jeffries, Bobby Parker, Benny Rooney.

Sep   25  (164)   Steve Kember/Rangers/Rodney Marsh/Oxford Stars (Atkinson, Clarke, Skeen),

Asa Hartford, Willie Waddell, Tommy Cassidy


Oct    2   (165)   Colin Bell/Southampton/David Stocks/Henry Mowbray, Graeme Souness.

Oct    9   (166, incorrectly numbered as 165) Martin Peters/Man City/Peter Storey/Alan Woodward, Emlyn Hughes, Bryan Hamilton.

Oct   16  (167)   Bob Wilson/Aberdeen/Alan Birchenall/Joe Kinnear, Bobby Gould, Bobby Kerr, Plymouth

Oct   23  (168)   George Best/Soccer History, Chelsea Style/Steve James, Alan Gowling & Willie Morgan/John Wile, Peter Scott, Partick.

Oct   30  (169)   Paul Madeley/Cardiff/John Flynn/Mick Bates & Peter Lorimer, Jimmy Greenhoff, John Collins, Brian O'Neil.


Nov    6  (170)   Martin Chivers/Derby/Pat Jennings, Phil Beal & Kevin Keegan/Steve Whitworth & Rodney Fern, Alan Campbell, Roger Smart.

Nov  13  (171)   Roy McFarland/Norwich/John McCormick, Peter Wall & Denis Law/Sammy Nelson, Derek Johnstone, Rod Belfitt.

Nov  20  (172)   Mike Channon/Wolves/David Webb & Frank Wignall/Willie Wallace, Terry Hibbitt, Bournemouth, Joe Harper.

Nov  27  (173)   Ian Storey-Moore/Burnley/Clyde Best/Keith Weller, Mike Doyle & Wyn Davies,

Willie Anderson, Tom Forsyth.


Dec   4   (174)   Charlie George/Nott'm F/Iam McFaul/Bob Latchford, Mel Blyth, Leighton James, John Toshack.

Dec  11  (175)   Emlyn Hughes/Huddersfield/John Roberts/Mike Pejic, Tony Currie,

Ken Knighton & Ian McKechnie, Gerry Taylor

Dec  18  (176)   Billy Bremner/QPR/John Hollins/Ian Ross & Ian Callaghan, John Fitzpatrick,

Derek Jefferson, Kevin Hector

Dec  25  (177)   Trevor Hockey/Aston V/Phil Warman/Bob Hatton, Norman Hunter & Allan Clarke, Bob McNab, Frank Casper.




Jan    1  (178)   Alex Stepney/Ipswich/John Deans/Ian St. John, Colin Bell, Howard Kendall &

Colin Harvey, Peter Spiring

Jan    8  (179)   Charlie Cooke/Millwall/John Hope/Alastair Brown, Joe Corrigan, Terry Yorath.

Jan  15  (180)   Frank McLintock/One home & two away (Bonetti, Banks & Shilton)/Denis Law/Joe Royle, Mike England, Peter Storey, Jack Charlton, Mike Doyle

Jan  22  (181)   Wyn Davies/Crystal P/Man City in panto/Ron Davies, Len Badger, Kenny Hibbitt.

Jan  29  (182)   Kevin Hector/Blackpool/Sandy Jardine/Barry Lloyd, John McLaughlin, Steve Smith, Halifax.


Feb    5  (183)   Peter Lorimer/Notts Co/George Best & Tommy O'Neil/Frank Lampard,

Stan Harland, Dave Watson, Allan Hunter.

Feb  12  (184)   Alan Ball/Sheff Wed/Cyril Davies/Bernard Shaw, Bobby Kellard, Pat Howard,

Dave Lennard

* *  Feb 19, Feb 26, Mar 4  -  not published due to restrictions during energy crisis * *  


Mar   11  (185)   Geoff Hurst/Leicester/John Radford/Alex Cropley, John Jackson, David Sadler, Ajax, Ian Storey-Moore, Terry Conroy.

Mar   18  (186)   Kevin Keegan & Alan Oakes/Esso F.A. Cup Coins promo/Willie Donachie/Eddie Gray, Alan Rough, Barrie Fairbrother, Swansea, Peter Osgood, Bill Rafferty

Mar   25  (187)   Rodney Marsh/Esso Coins/Magic of Cruyff/Billy Bonds, Dave Smith,

Phil Parkes (QPR), Alistair Roberston, Peter Cormack.


Apr    1   (188)    George Armstrong/Esso Coins/Eusebio/Tommy Carroll, Frank Worthington,

Gerry O'Brien, Tommy Booth, Alan Hudson.

Apr    8   (189)    Bob Latchford/Everton/Jack Charlton/Francis Lee, John Farrington, Tony Currie, Jimmy Pearce.

Apr   15  (190)    Terry Cooper/Birmingham/Tommy Smith/Charlie George & George Graham,

Paul Madeley, Peter Dobing, Lou Macari.

Apr   22  (191)    Emlyn Hughes/West Ham/Jimmy Gabriel & John Richards/John O'Hare,

Alan Oakes, Tony Taylor, Denis McQuade.

Apr   29  (192)    Martin Chivers/Rangers/Litesome Ad/Bobby Moore & Gordon Banks,

Keith Dyson, John Connelly, Les Chapman.


May    6  (193  -  F)  Cup Final cover/Wembley Aces/Litesome Ad/Billy Bremner & Norman Hunter,  Gray Jones & Lorimer, Alan Ball, Paul Reaney, John Deans, Arsenal v. Stoke, Peter Simpson.

May  13  (194)   Jack Charlton/Chelsea/Jim Bone/Alex Stepney, Peter Storey, Duncan Forbes,

Alec Lindsay.

May  20  (195)   Derby Demons (McFarland, Hector & Durban)/Celtic/Trevor Francis/Alan Gowling & George Best, Derek Dougan, Hugh McIlmoyle

May  27  (196)   Billy Bremner & Bobby Moore/Wembley Flashback/Alex Forsyth/Piet Keizer & Johann Cruyff, John Templeman, John Hickton.


June   3   (197)   Mike Summerbee/The Men Who Shot Derby to the Top/Chris Nicholl/David Webb, Bobby Graham, Roger Hynd, Kevin Keegan.

June  10  (198)   Mike Channon/Spurs Superstars (Peters, Jennings, Coates)/Jeff Blockley &

Chris Cattlin/Gordon Nisbet, Malcolm MacDonald, Hibs.

June  17  (199)   Ian Storey-Moore/"Scots In Exile"/Stewart Barrrowclough/Alan Hudson,

Alan Birchenall, Geoff Merrick, Len Cantello.

June  24  (200)   Tommy Taylor & Allan Clarke/Four Aces (Goalkeepers)/Martin Chivers/Tony Towers, Len Glover, Ron Davies.


July    1   (201)   Willie Carr/Gordon Banks/Alan Ball & John Marsh/Wilf Smith, Eddie McCreadie, Danny Hegan, Ted Hemsley.

July    8   (202)   Charlie George/All Star Action (Wales v. England)/Larry Lloyd/Dave Wagstaffe,

Pat Rice, Eric Martin, Terry Yorath.

July  15   (203)   Duncan Forbes, Dave Stringer, Ken Foggo/Wing Wonders - Lorimer, Callaghan, Summerbee, Armstrong/Martin Peters & Colin Harper/Iam McFaul, Tommy O'Neil, Bobby Stokes.

July  22   (204)   Bobby Moncur/Rodney Marsh/Mick Jones/Alan Durban, Allan Hunter,

Graham Paddon.

July  29  (205)    Colin Bell/Leeds in Action/Alan Oakes & Alan Ball/Frank Lampard & Tony Dunne, Terry Hennessey, Arthur Duncan.


Aug    5  (206)   John Hollins/Hereford/Terry Hennessey & Rodney Marsh/Bob McNab,

Dave Clements.

Aug  12  (207)   George Best/Derby/Tommy Wright/Paddy Mulligan, Malcolm Page.

Aug  19  (208)   Alan Ball/Birmingham/Frank Clark/Tony Green, Tony Currie, Viv Busby.

Aug  26  (209)   Bobby Moore/Stoke/Willie Morgan & Ian Storey-Moore/David Webb,

Mike McGiven, Allan Clarke.


Sep    2  (210)   Roy McFarland/Tottenham/Jim Bone/Francis Lee & Mike Summerbee,

Mike Channon, Bolton

Sep    9  (211)   Gordon Banks/Liverpool/Martin Chivers/Rod Belfitt, Ken Beamish, Bournemouth.

Sep  16  * * Not published * *

Sep  23  (212)   Pat Jennings/Chelsea/Paul Went/Keith Weller, Roy Ellam, Dundee.

Sep  30  (213)   Mick Mills/Leeds/Joe Royle/Don Givens, Kevin Keegan, Geoff Hurst,

Tommy Gemmell.


Oct    7   (214)   Henry Newton & Kevin Keegan/Everton/Ernie Machin & Willie Carr/Jim Steele,

Billy Bremner, Geoff Vowden, Barry Bridges.

Oct   14  (215)   Charlie Cooke/Aston V/Steve Heighway & Emlyn Hughes/Willie Donachie,

Bill Glazier, George Best.

Oct   21  (216)   Bobby Murdoch & Colin Todd/Ipswich/Lou Macari/Dave Thomas, Dennis Rofe, Rotherham, Mike Summerbee.

Oct  28  (217)    Howard Kendall/West Ham/John Galley & Gerry Gow/John Tudor, Alan Mullery, Dave Clements, St. Johnstone.


Nov   4   (218)    John Richards/Sunderland/Peter Osgood/Bruce Rioch, Kevin Hector,

Clive Walker, Trevor Francis.

Nov  11  (219)    Bobby Moore, Billy Bremner, Trevor Hockey/World Cup aces/Colin Stein/Peter Storey, Nigel Cassidy, Hibernian, Wyn Davies.

Nov  18  (220)   Don Rogers/Leicester/Steve Kindon/Mel Blyth, Quinton Young, Bobby Kerr,

Alan Ball.

Nov  25  (221)   Malcolm MacDonald/Sheff Utd/Bill Garner/Willie Morgan & Tony Dunne,

Jeff Blockley, Keith Weller & Colin Harvey, Frank Worthington


Dec    2  (222)   Jim Bone/Wolves/(West Brom) Albion Aces/Graham Paddon, Tommy Smith,

Tony Currie

Dec    9  (223)   Emlyn Hughes/Alan Ball/Phil Beal & Mike England/John Gidman, Len Badger,

Port Vale, Denis Law.

Dec  16  (224)   Roy McFarland/Ian Storey-Moore/Phil Parkes (QPR)/.Tommy Hutchinson,

David Sunley, Alan Mullery, Alex Stepney.

Dec  23  (225)   Bryan Hamilton, Allan Hunter & Trevor Whymark/Martin Peters/Peter Marinello/Colin Waldron, Bristol City, Mike Bernard, Trevor Cherry.

Dec  30  (226)   Rod Belfitt/Bob Moncur/Denis Smith/Bill Irwin, Joe Mason, Malcolm MacDonald.




Jan     6  (227)   Rodney Marsh/Southampton/Ian Evans/Preston, Larry Lloyd, Wilie Morgan.

Jan   13  (228)   Bremner Hoping to Keep Cup !/Norwich/Ted MacDougall/Stewart Barrowclough, Kenny Hibbitt, Billy Bonds, Johnny Giles.

Jan   20  (229)   Arsenal Stars - Wilson, McNab, Rice/Newcastle/Eddie Kelly/Dave Hatton,

Willie Johnston, Gordon Banks, Frank Spraggon.

Jan   27  (230)   David Harvey/QPR/Ian Mellor/Bobby Gould, John Craven, Emlyn Hughes,

Sammy Morgan & Tommy McLaren.


Feb    3  (231)   Colin Bell/Roger Davies/Peter Cormack & John Toshack/John Richards,

Colin Harper, Jeff Astle.

Feb  10  (232)   Bobby Moore, 100th Cap/Title Challengers/Bobby Charlton/John McGovern,

Bob Wilson, Paul Fletcher.

Feb  17  (233)   Allan Clarke/Hull/Derek Possee/Hugh Curran, John Deans, Keith Weller,

Colin Barrett & Freddie Hill.

Feb  24  (234)   John Aston & Harry Cripps/Luton/John Mahoney & John Ritchie/Mick Coop,

Alex Forsyth, Eddie Colquhoun, Eric Martin


Mar   3   (235 - L)  Duncan Forbes & Martin Peters/Stars at Wembley/David Lawson/Cyril Knowles, David Cross, Tom Forsyth, Chris Lawler.

Mar  10  (236)   Kevin Hector/Challenge in Europe/Tommy Booth/Joe Jordan, Alun Evans,

Geoff Hurst, John Cutbush..

Mar  17  (237)   George Armstrong/Burnley/Irving Nattrass/Gary Locke & Alan Hudson,

Jimmy Greenhoff, Bryan Robson, John McAlle.

Mar  24  (238)   Leighton James/England v. Wales WC qualifier/Tony Powell/Poland,

Phil Thompson, Frank McLintock, Peter Nicholson

Mar  31  (239)   Sunderland Aces/England/Alan Hinton/Mike Prendergast, Ron Yeats, Alan Gilzean, Ritchie Morgan.


Apr   7   (240)   Paul Madeley & Norman Hunter/Salute to Ipswich/Iain Phillip/Frank Munro &

Gerry Taylor, Billy Hughes, Charlie George, Bobby Hope.

Apr 14   (241)   Keith Newton & Don Givens/Men The Keepers Fear/Esso Top Team advert/Alf Wood, Bobby Shinton, Chris Balderstone,Tommy Wright.

Apr 21   (242)   Dave Watson/Sheffield Wednesday/David Nish/Peter Bonetti, Dave Roberts,

Terry Cooper, Dudley Tyler.

Apr 28   (243)   Jack Charlton/Germany's Giants/John Roberts/Tony Currie & John Richards,

Mick Leach, Mike England, Arthur Styles.


May    5  (244 - F)   Billy Bremner & Bobby Kerr/Leeds & Sunderland/Mick Jones/Arsenal v. Sunerland, Leeds v. Wolves, Phil Beal, John Farrington.

May  12  (245)   Bobby Moore/Rodney Marsh/Alan Ball & Roy McFarland/Larry Lloyd,

Rod Thomas, Jack Charlton, Martin Buchan.

May  19  (246)   Bobby Kerr/Star Skippers/Ted MacDougall/Denis Smith, Liam O'Kane, Jim Bone,

Hugh Fisher, Ian Ross.

May  26  (247)   Northern Ireland v. England/"Haway The Lads", Sunderland's Cup !/Bill Garner/Mick Lyons, John Brownlie, Ricky Heppolette, Gordon Hindson & Bobby Thomson.


June   2   (248)   Channon, Chivers & Clarke/Mike Channon/Bryan Stubbs & Bob Worthington/Poland stars, Poland's Ace Trio, Ray Clemence, Brian Owen.

June   9   (249)   Tommy Smith & Kevin Keegan/Keepers Who Really Score/John Hurst &

Rod Belfitt/Jim McIntosh, Jeff Blockley, Brian Clark.

June  16  (250)   Peter Storey & Tony Book/Rangers/Newcastle v. Arsenal/Geoff Vowden,

Phil Parkes (Wolves) & John Jackson, Millwall v. Blackpool, George Eastham.
June  23  (251)   Tony Currie/1st Div, Here We Come (Burnley & QPR)/Ted MacDougall &

Terry Yorath/Frank Munro & Derek Parkin, Willie Anderson, John Byrom, Gerry Queen.

June  30  (252)   Peter Osgood/Young England/Charlie George & Roy McFarland/Dennis Rofe, Dick Malone, John Hollins & John Farmer, Dave Clements.


July    7  (253)   Jim Smith/Irish Glory/Martin Peters & George Graham/Jimmy Brown,

Trevor Brooking & Eddie Kelly, Doug Houston, Alan Stevenson.

July  14  (254)   Mick Jones & John Jackson/London's Pride/Gordon McQueen &

Derek Dougan/Brian Kidd, Frank Worthington, Brian Joicey, Kevin Randall.

July  21  (255)   Peter Shilton/England's Goal Hopes/Steve Perryman/Terry McDermott,

Trevor Francis, Michael Brolly & Ian Britton, Ray Coyle.

July  28  (256)   David Nish/Mersey Marvels/Peter Storey/Leighton James, Ron Webster,

Mick McGuire, Alan Stephenson & Nick Jennings.


Aug    4  (257)   Francis Lee/England/Brian Kidd/Pat Jennings, John Evanson, 

John Hickton & Jim Platt, Roger Hoy.

Aug  11  (258)   Alan Gilzean/Goal Kings/Roger Hynd, Brian Hall & Kevin Keegan/Trevor Whymark, Gerry Sweeney & Keith Fear, Dave Needham, Pat Howard.

Aug  18  (259)   Ian Storey-Moore/Newcastle/Colin Boulton/Brian Alderson, Mick Lambert,

Alan Campbell.

Aug  25  (260)   Tommy Smith & Mike Channon/Man City/Trevor Brooking/Stan Bowles,

Eric Martin & Johnny Giles, Charlton's New Boys, Alan Woollett & Frank Worthington, Notts Co, Derek Johnstone.


Sep   1   (261)   Pat Jennings/Coventry/Charlie George/Ted MacDougall & Paul Reaney,

Alan Campbell & Kevin Keegan, Colin Waldron, Barry Butlin.

Sep   8   (262)   Mick Jones/Liverpool/Joe Corrigan/Stars of Wolves (Munro, Parkin & Kindon), Norman Hunter & Alan Ball, Tony Young.

Sep  15  (263)   Bob McNab/Tottenham/Alan Bloor & Bill Glazier/Phil Parkes(QPR) & Peter Shilton,

Alan Suddick, Hibs.

Sep  22  (264)   Colin Boulton/Burnley/Dalglish & Shaedler, Smith & Hay/Welsh Aces, Jim Holton,

Martin Chivers & Mike Channon, Brian Alderson (incorrectly labelled as Tommy Hutchinson)

Sep  29  (265)   Kevin Hector, Dave Watson & Trevor Brooking/Birmingham/Bill Garner &

George Armstrong/Eddie Gray, David Nish & Ray Clemence, Johnny Ayris, Oxford


Oct    6   (266)   Denis Law/Leeds/Billy Bremner & Emlyn Hughes/John Robson & Ian Ross,

Steve Kember, Kevin Keegan & John Richards, Dennis Rofe.

Oct  13   (267)   England v. Poland preview/Derby/Ray Kennedy/Colin Bell & Tony Currie,

England, John Connolly, Alf Woods.

Oct  20   (268)   Irving Nattrass/Fulham/Kevin Beattie/Brian Hornsby & Jim McCalliog,

Stuart Pearson, Middlesbrough, Bobby Moore.

Oct  27   (269)   Peter Shilton & Ray Clemence/West Brom/Tom Forsyth & Harry Hood,

Kevin Hector & Alan Hinton, Mike Bailey, Bernard Shaw, Bob Latchford.


Nov   3   (270)   Kevin Hector/Chelsea/David Cross, Graham Paddon & Alan Black/David Clunie, Tommy Cassidy, Oldham, Wyn Davies.

Nov  10  (271)   Tommy Hutchinson & Jim Holton/Leicester/Brian Kidd & Sammy McIlroy/Derek Jeffries & Roy Barry, Trevor Cherry, Jimmy Johnstone, Preston.

Nov  17  (272)   Millwall v. Middlesbrough/Everton/David Harvey & Norman Hunter/Bryan Hamilton & John Peddelty, Malcolm Munro, Mel Sutton, Paulo Cesar.

Nov  24  (273)   Martin Dobson/QPR/John Hollins, Peter Osgood & Ron Harris/Tom Finney &

Liam Brady, Dave Watson, Bristol Rovers, Glyn Pardoe.


Dec   1   (274)   Ray Kennedy & Larry Lloyd/Southampton/Keith Newton/Malcolm MacDonald & Ray Evans, Brian Clark, Paul Reaney, Ernie Moss.

Dec   8   (275)   Bob Latchford/Orient/Derby Aces (Powell, Nish, McGovern & Newton)/Ken Beamish, Wayne Talkes & Billy Bonds, Gordon Wallace, Jim Cumbes.

Dec  15  (276)   Jim Holton/Man Utd/Kevin Keegan & Ian Callagham/Alan Mullery & Barry Lloyd, David Cross, John Farmer, Dundee Utd.

Dec  22  (277)   Graham Paddon & Ted MacDougall/Aston V/Brian Alderson & Bryan Robson/Eric Martin, Ian Bowyer, Willie Young, Phil Roberts.

Dec  29  (278)   Terry Mancini & John Toshack/Martin Chivers/Frank Worthington/Harry Redknapp, Terry Darracott & Dave Clements, Peter Anderson.



1974   (Jan/Feb issues produced fortnightly due to restrictions on non-essential publications during power crisis/three day week)

Jan    5/12  (279)   Billy Bremner & Emlyn Hughes/Ipswich/Kenny Dalglish/Rodney Marsh,

Derek Jefferson, John McDowell.

Jan  19/26  (280)   Arsenal v. Newcastle/Joe Jordan/Peter Simpson, Pat Rice & Chris Garland/John Craggs & Willie Maddren, David Payne, Ray Hankin, Mick Mills & Mick Lambert.


Feb    2/9   (281)   Alan Hudson/Sheff Utd/Phil Thompson/Chelsea 500 Club (Bonetti, Harris & Hollins), Parading the New Boys, David Sadler, Barry Powell.

Feb 16/23  (282 - L)  Mike Summerbee & Mike Bailey/Wolves/John Gidman & Bobby Gould/Munro Doyle & Towers, Taking The Maine Road to Wembley, Campbell Crawford.   


Mar    2  (283)   Allan Clarke, Mick Jones & Peter Lorimer/Ormond's Anglos/John Toshack & Alan Ball/3rd Div Pacemakers, Andy McCulloch, Jimmy Husband, Peter Osgood & Frank Munro.

Mar    9  (284)   Frank McLintock, Kevin Keegan & Pat Howard/Middlesbrough/Quinton Young, Kenny Cameron, Willie Wallace, Pat Stanton/Bristol City, David Craig, Jeff Wealands & John Kaye, John Mitchell.

Mar  16  (285)   Ray Clemence/Nott'm F/Micky Burns/Alan Green, John Craggs & Brian Clark,

Paul Went.

Mar  23  (286)   Bruce Rioch/New Faces/Chris McGrath & Trevor Brooking/Tony Brown, Stewart Houston, Bruce Bannister, Miah Dennehy & Nobby Stiles.

Mar  30  (287)   Emlyn Hughes/Martin Dobson/Len Badger & Terry Naylor/Terry Hibbitt,

Kevin Keegan & Alan Birchenall, Stars of Wrexham, Brian Greenhoff.


Apr     6  (288)   Bobby Murdoch & Jim Platt/Tommy Hutchinson/Micky Droy, Gary Lock & Bill Garner/Howard Kendall & Archie Styles, Eddie Thomson & Willie Young, Mervyn Day.

Apr   13  (289)   Bobby Moncur/Ramsey's New Hopes/Bill Glazier & Les Cartwright/Bill Roffey,

John McLaughlin & Ken Knighton, Kevin Randall, Bobby Stokes.

Apr   20  (290)   Billy Bremner/Trevor Brooking/Duncan McKenzie & Liam O'Kane/Mick Lyons, Colin Todd & Roy McFarland, Tommy McLean, Bobby Kellard.

Apr   27  (291)   Frank Worthington/Kevin Beattie/Phil Parkes (QPR)/Graeme Souness, Alan Campbell & Pat Rice, Oldham Aces (Wood, Ogden & Whittle), Peter Suddaby.


May    4  (292 - F)  Kevin Keegand & Malcolm MacDonald/Glory Glory Wembley/Bobby Moncur & Steve Heighway/Pat Howard, Emlyn Hughes, Tommy Cassidy & Peter Cormack, Bobby Moore.

May  11  (293)   Ipswich v. Man Utd/International Aces (McIlroy, Shilton, Janes & Bremner)/Colin Todd & Brian Alderson/Martin Buchan, Colin Bell, John Roberts, Dave Thomas.

May  18  (294)   Mike Channon/Leeds' Bonnie Scots/Brian Talbot/Alan Garner,

Ray Hankin & Frank Casper, Keith Coleman, Liam Brady.

May  25  (295)   Martin Peters/Clyde Best, Dino Zoff & Gianni Rivera/Phil Beal & Sammy Nelson/Joe Waters, Dennis Tueart & Mike Horswill, Arsenal v. Southampton, Bobby Owen.


June   1  (296, FINAL ISSUE)  Johann Cruyff/Leeds Marvels/Jim Brown & David Nish/Steve Seargeant, John Richards, Shoot incorporating Goal ad, Graham Cross.



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