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We stock an extensive range of ORIGINAL football magazines from the 1950's right through to the 1990's. The selection includes Charles Buchan, Soccer Star, Goal, Shoot, Match Weekly, F.A. News, Soccer Monthly, Football Weekly News, 'new' Football Monthly and a number of other titles, with most magazines in perfect condition. Full lists and pricing will appear in this section which will be broken down by publication - please do not hesitate to make contact if there are any specific items you require while the magazines are being sorted and catalogued.


We have found that many collectors buy old magazines for the poster content, no doubt to rekindle many childhood memories. Therefore, we carefuly inspect our magazines (first & foremost to ensure they are complete and fit for resale) and have catalogued the colour poster content.  Against the date of each magazine, you will find a list of players, team groups, action shots etc. These detail for you what's on the front cover/centre pages/back pages/other page, other page etc., of an individual magazine. If there are magazines you are looking for with pictures of specific teams/players, we can therefore easily pinpoint anything which is likely to be of interest.


SHOULD YOU WISH TO PURCHASE ANY MAGAZINES PLEASE LIST THEM BY TITLE & DATE (for instance, "Charles Buchan - January 1957",  "Shoot - 8th April 1978" etc) ON YOUR ORDER FORM OR E-MAIL.


Issues which relate to a Cup Final or major tournament are highlighted as below.

(WC) = World Cup,    (Euro) = European Championship

(F) = F.A. Cup Final issue,    (F*) = post F.A. Cup Final

(L) = League Cup Final issue,   (L*) = post League Cup Final

(CS) = Charity Shield.

(An 'S' in front of the above refers to Scottish final content)

(E) = European Cup Final issue,   (E*) = post European Cup Final

(C) = Cup Winners Cup Final issue,   (C*) = post CWC Final

(U) = Fairs/UEFA Cup issue,   (U*) = post UEFA Final


Don't forget that all orders of £15 or more are CARRIAGE PAID, so take the opportunity to treat yourself to some classic reading material.  And of course, they may be the item ideal if you are looking for an unusual birthday or Christmas present !  


Naturally, magazines can only be posted as large letters.  Please add £2 postage if ordering one magazine, or £3 for two or more magazines for orders UNDER £15.

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