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1970-71   Blackburn, Carlisle, Middlesbrough, Oxford (FAC), QPR, Sheff Utd. 


1971-72   Burnley, Hull, Notts Co., Orient, Preston (LC), QPR,  Sheff Wed, Sunderland, Swindon.          


1972-73  Brentford, Port Vale, Swansea.  1973-74  Brighton, Huddersfield, Wrexham. 


1974-75  Plymouth (fld).                            1975-76 Rochdale, Torquay (sof).   


1976-77  Bournemouth, Bradford, Brentford (sc), Brentford (LC), Cambridge, Crewe (sof), Darlington, Doncaster, Halifax, Hartlepool, Newport, Rochdale, Southport, Stockport, Torquay.        


1977-78   Aldershot,  Barnsley, Brentford, Doncaster, Halifax, Hartlepool, Newport, Northampton, Reading, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Southend, Stockport, Swansea, Torquay, Wimbledon.       


1978-79  (score on face to most).  Blackpool (tc), Brentford (fld), Chester, Colchester, Exeter, Gillingham, Hull (May, tc), Lincoln, 

Mansfield,  Newcastle (LC, sob), Shrewsbury, Southend.


1979-80  Arsenal (FAC), Birmingham, Bristol R., Burnley, Cambridge, Cardiff, Charlton, Chelsea, Fulham, Leicester, Luton, Newcastle, Notts Co., Oldham, Orient, Preston, QPR, Shrewsbury, Sunderland, Swansea (fld), West Ham, Wrexham.  


1980-81  Blackburn, Bolton, Bristol C, Bristol R., Cambridge, Cardiff, Chelsea, Coventry (LC), Derby, Grimsby, Luton, Millwall (LC, wob),

Newcastle, Nott'm F (LC), Notts Co, Oldham, Orient, Preston, QPR, Sheff Wed, Shrewsbury, Southampton (LC), Swansea, West Ham, Wolves (FAC), Wrexham.  


1981-82   Barnsley, Blackburn, Bolton, Cambridge, Cardiff, Charlton, Chelsea, Crystal P (tc), Derby (Dec, inc Jan supplement), 

Grimsby (cr), Grimsby (LC), Leicester, Lincoln (LC), Luton, Man Utd (FAC), Newcastle (sob), Norwich, Oldham, Orient (fld),

QPR (Jan), QPR (LC), Rotherham, Sheff Wed, Shrewsbury, West Ham (FAC), Wrexham. 


1982-83   Arsenal, Aston V., Birmingham (Mar), Bolton (LC), Brighton  Coventry, Everton (first game in Div. 1), Fulham (FAC), Ipswich, Liverpool (sc),  Man City, Man Utd, Norwich, Nott'm F., Notts Co., Plymouth (FAC), Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland (sc/sob), Swansea, 

Tottenham (sc/tc) West Brom (tc), West Ham. 


1983-84  Arsenal, Aston V, Birmingham, Coventry, Huddersfield (LC), Ipswich, Leicester, Liverpool, Luton, Luton (FAC), Man Utd,

Norwich, Nott'm F., QPR, Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham, West Ham, Wolves.


1984-85  Arsenal, Aston V., Cardiff (LC), Chelsea, Coventry, Everton, Ipswich, Leicester, Liverpool, Luton, Luton (FAC), Man Utd (May)., Newcastle (fld), Norwich, Nott'm F., QPR, Sheff Utd (FAC), Sheff Wed (fld), Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Sunderland (LC), 

West Brom,  West Ham (Apr). 


1985-86  Arsenal (fld), Birmingham, Bury (FAC), Chelsea (sc), Everton (sc), Leicester, Liverpool, Liverpool (FAC), Luton, Man City,

Man City (FAC), Man Utd., Oxford, QPR,  QPR (LC), Sheff Wed, Southampton,  West Brom, West Ham. 


1986-87  Arsenal, Aston V, Charlton, Chelsea, Chelsea (FAC), Coventry, Leicester, Liverpool, Luton, Maidstone (FAC), Man City,  Man Utd, Newcastle, Norwich (tc), Nott'm F., QPR, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham, Walsall (FAC) West Ham, West Ham (LC), Wimbledon.        

1987-88  Arsenal, Charlton, Chelsea, Darlington (LC), Derby (sl gr), Everton, Hull (FAC), Hull (FAC 2nd rep), Liverpool, Newcastle, Norwich, Nott'm F.,  Portsmouth, Port Vale (FAC, sl stain), QPR, Wimbledon.


1988-89  Barnsley, Blackburn, Bournemouth, Bradford, Brighton, Chelsea, Crystal P, Derby (FAC), Hull, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Leicester (LC), Man City, Newcastle (FAC 1st Rep), Newcastle (FAC 3rd Rep), Nott'm F. (FAC), Oldham, Oxford, Plymouth,

Portsmouth, Shrewsbury, Stoke, Sunderland, Swindon, Walsall, West Brom.          


1989-90  Barnsley, Brighton, Hull, Stoke, West Ham. 


1990-91  Blackburn, Bristol C, Charlton, Ipswich, Leicester, Middlesbrough (fld/mk'd), Newcastle, Swindon, Wolves. 


1991-92  Brighton, Bristol C, Charlton, Everton (LC sc/tc), Leicester, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Southend (LC), Swindon, Wolves.  


1992-93  Brentford, Luton, Newcastle, Peterborough, Sunderland, West Ham. 


1993-94  Bolton, Brentford (LC), Derby,  Grimsby,  Luton, Nott'm F., Wolves (tc). 


1994-95  Millwall, Portsmouth, Scarborough (FAC), Tottenham (LC), Wolves.    1995-96 Blackburn, Norwich, Reading. 


1996-97  Burnley, Chesterfield, Notts Co, Plymouth, Rotherham, Sunderland (LC), Walsall (LC),  Wycombe (fld). 


1997-98  Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brentford, Burnley, Chesterfield, Gillingham, Grimsby, Plymouth, Preston, Sheff Utd (LC), Sheff Wed (FAC), Swindon (LC), Wycombe, York. 


1998-99  Barnsley, Birmingham, Bolton (fld/sob), Bradford, Burnley,  Crystal P (fld/sob), Ipswich, Oxford, Portsmouth, Sheff Utd,

Stockport, Sunderland, Swindon, West Brom. 


1999-2000  Aston V., Bradford,  Derby, Everton, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Middlesbrough, Southampton,

Tottenham, Wigan (LC).


2000-01  Barnsley, Blackburn, Bolton, Burnley (Mar), Burnley (Nov Pp), Crystal P, Grimsby, Huddersfield, Man Utd (LC), QPR, Sheff Utd. 


2001-02  Barnsley, Bradford, Coventry, Gillingham, Millwall, Nott'm F., Wolves. 


2002-03  Burnley, Burnley (FAC), Derby, Grimsby, Ipswich, Leicester, Reading (fld), Sheff Wed, Wolves. 


2003-04  Bradford, Burnley, Cardiff, Chelsea (FAC), Crewe, Crystal P, Derby, Gillingham, Ipswich, Norwich (sl fld), Nott'm F., Preston, Reading, Rotherham, Stoke, Sunderland, West Brom,  Wimbledon. 


2004-05  Brighton, Burnley, Cambridge, Cardiff, Coventry, Crewe, Fulham (FAC),  Leeds (sc), Leicester, Millwall,  Nott'm F, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Reading, Sheff Utd, Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Wigan, Wolves.   


2005-06  Bolton (FAC), Cardiff,  Crewe, Crystal P.,  Leeds (fld), Leicester, Luton, Millwall,  Reading, Sheff Utd, Stoke.   


2006-07  Accrington (LC), Arsenal, Aston V, Everton, Fulham, Hull (LC), Man Utd, Middlesbrough,

Newcastle (LC, fld), Sheff Utd,  Wigan      


2007-08  Blackpool, Bristol C., Burnley, Cardiff, Charlton, Crystal P (fld), Hull, Ipswich, Norwich, Plymouth, Preston, QPR,

Sheff Utd., Sheff Wed., Southampton,  Stoke, Wolves.       2008-09  Swansea (fld), West Ham, Wolves.      2009-10  Derby.    


2010-11  Bristol C., Derby (tc), Doncaster,  Hartlepool (FAC tc), Ipswich (tc), Leeds, Middlesbrough (tc), Notts Co, Preston, QPR (tc), Reading (tc), Scunthorpe.  (NB, issues listed with team changes have playing squad members 'ticked').


2011-12  Blackpool, Bristol C, Burnley, Hull, Ipswich, Leeds, Nott'm F., Southampton (all with playing squad members ticked).   


2012-13  Bradford (LC, sc/tc), Bristol C (tc), Cardiff (sc), Huddersfield, Ipswich, Middlesbrough (tc), Peterborough, Sheff Wed.   


2013-14  Yeovil (tc).  2014-15  Blackburn, Charlton.  2015-16   Aston V.,  Southampton, Sunderland, West Brom (tc), West Ham.    


2016-17  Arsenal, Chelsea,  Crystal P, Hull, Leicester, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Southampton, Stoke, Swansea, West Brom.       


2017-18  Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol C (FAC), Bristol C (LC), Crystal P., Everton, Huddersfield, Leicester, Liverpool,

Man Utd, Newcastle, Southampton, Swansea, Tottenham, West Brom, West Ham.      


2018-19  Brighton, Cardiff, Crystal P., Crystal P (FAC), Everton, Fulham, Huddersfield, Leicester,  Newcastle, Southampton, Tottenham.       





1970-71  Portsmouth (sc), Swindon.    1971-72 Luton, Swindon (sl tr).     1972-73  Notts Co, Scunthorpe.    

1977-78  Aldershot (sl gr), Barnsley, Huddersfield, Newport, Northampton.   1978-79  Blackpool (tr), Bury, Carlisle, Chester, Chesterfield, Exeter (LC), Gillingham (sl trs), Hull, Lincoln (sl fld), Mansfield,   Peterborough (fld/tc), Southend (Apr), Stoke (LC), Swansea, Swindon.     1979-80  Cambridge, Colchester (LC), Leicester, Oldham, Swansea.    1980-81  Cambridge, Coventry (LC).   1981-82  Cardiff,  Grimsby (LC), Ipswich (LC, fld), Norwich (fld).     1982-83  Brighton, Luton, Nott'm F, Southampton.   1983-84  Birmingham (FAC), Ipswich (fld), Luton (FAC, sl fld), Norwich (sob), Nott'm F, Stoke, West Brom.   1984-85  Aston V (fld), Grimsby (FAC), Ipswich (sob/fld), Luton (sc),

Luton (FAC, gr), Luton (FAC 2nd Replay, sc), Nott'm F, Sheff Wed., Southampton, Stoke (sob).  1985-86  Aston V (cr), Birmingham (sc/tc), Ipswich (sc), Luton, Nott'm F, Southampton, Sheff Wed., West Brom (tc).  1986-87  Coventry (fld), Leicester (fld), Luton (fld/sob), Norwich (sob),  Nott'm F (wof), Sheff Wed (sob), Southampton (sob),  Walsall (FAC, sob),  Walsall (FAC 2nd Replay).    1987-88  Portsmouth (tc),  Port Vale (FAC).   1988-89 Leicester (LC).  1989-90 Bournemouth, Ipswich, Oxford, Swindon.   1990-91  Norwich (LC), Sheff Wed.    1992-93  Swindon.   1993-94  Wolves.   1994-95 Burnley, Oldham, Reading.     1995-96 Norwich (sc),  Stoke.    

1996-97  Bournemouth, Gillingham, Wycombe. 1997-98  Bristol C (sc),  Sheff Wed (FAC), Walsall, Wycombe.    

1999-2000  Middlesbrough, Sheff Wed.   2000-01  Barnsley, Nott'm F. Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Tranmere.  2001-02  Coventry, Sheff Utd,    2003-04  Bradford, Ipswich.  2004-05  Burnley, Crewe, Stoke (sc).    2005-06  Crewe.    2006-07 Bolton, Reading.      

2007-08  Blackpool, Leicester.     2010-11  Norwich.   2012-13  Derby.  2013-14  Burnley, Wigan.   2015-16  Aston V.



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