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Like all dealers, we are limited in the amount of material we can
physically take to and display at fairs.
Our key stock of Big Match issues, pre-1960 Football League &
pre-1970 Non League programmes will be available at all fairs,
along with a selection of books, DVD's, shirts, classic magazines 
and other collectables, though our range of material may vary depending on
how much space we are allocated at any given event, and of course to suit the location. 
Please make contact at least a few days in advance if there are
any items from our general lists which you specifically require, 
so we can ensure that we bring the programmes you need with us.
has Public Liability Insurance cover to the sum of £5,000,000, supplied by
'Simply Business' and underwritten by Maltings Insurance Services.
 Policy Number  :  MHGB2739651XB


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