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Complete Season Sets


As the above heading suggests, we have a number of complete season sets of home programmes from various clubs on offer. These sets include all home League, F.A. Cup, Football League Cup, and where applicable European competition or minor competition (Full Members/Associate Members etc) issues and play-off matches. (They MAY NOT necessarily include any postponed programmes - some of which, of course, are exceptionally hard to get - or friendlies or testimonials. Where these ARE included, they are noted on the listing). Some of the programmes in each set may have slight faults such as team changes, light folds, etc., but all the issues in each set will be in acceptable condition.  As well as being a cost effective way of building your own collection quickly and cheaply, we have also found that they can be the ideal and unusual solution when it comes to birthday or Christmas gifts !!!


Please be aware that in view of the size and weight of some of these complete season sets, we are only able to offer the MODERN (i.e, post-2000) sets for sale by post to UK customers. These sets have (UK) listed after the item details.




Buy more than one Complete Season Set (can be mix of clubs, not necessarily same club, the choice is yours !!!), GET £5 OFF EACH SET



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