Around Town

Shoot,  1969-80


Shoot was launched in August 1969 and throughout the 1970's, was the leading football weekly magazine. Absorbing the Goal title when that magazine closed in 1974, it had no serious competition until Match began publication towards the end of 1979.


Details of issues right through to the end of 1980 are listed in this section, with the vast majority of magazines in perfect condition. (Later issues will be accessed by the links on the left once they are loaded)


Details of the colour pages in each magazine are list as follows:

Front cover/centre spread/back cover/other, other, other, other.


Where two or more players appear in a match action picture, the 'home' player(s) will be listed first if the venue can be identified by stadium shots or if the other player is in away kit or part-change colours (for instance, on the cover of the April 8th 1978 issue, the picture of Alan Devonshire and Willie Johnston was clearly taken at Upton Park, with West Brom in navy rather than white shorts.) Similarly, match action shots will also show the 'home' club first if the venue can be clearly identified.  And of course, we will clarify which player is featured to distinguish between two who have the same name - such as Bryan Robson when the careers of 'Pop' and the future England captain overlapped in the late 1970's/early 1980's, or when there were two England Internationals named Gary Stevens playing at the same time in the 1980's - by adding their club in brackets !




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Nov    8   Birmingham v. Charlton/Arsenal/Ron Davies/Terry Cooper, Kenny Aird, Willie Carr,

Bobby Moncur

Nov  15   Alan Hinton/Aston V/ Alan Skirton/Alan MacDonald, Charlie Cooke, Joe Corrigan,

Peter Thompson


Dec   13   Gerry Queen & John Talbut/West Ham/Neil Martin/Bobby Charlton, Chris Chilton,

Mike Travers.




May   2     Barry Endean & Peter Shilton/Ipswich & Partick/Denis Smith/Men Who Go To Mexico,

George McLean, Arthur Bellamy.

May  30   Wales v. England/(Terry) Paine & (Mick) Mills Find It Tough At The Bottom/John Greig/Men For Mexico, Hugh Curran, Dick Krzywicki.


June  20  (WC)   World Cup Action, El Salvador v. Russia/Stars of the 4th Division/Ian Mitchell/1970 World Cup Fighters, Luigi Riva, Iam McFaul, Ray Evans.


July  11   Luigi Riva/The Day England Were Dethroned/Dave & Bob Latchford/Pluck of The Irish,

Doug Livermore, John Connolly.


Aug   22   Alan Ball & Bobby Moore/Arsenal/Bobby Lennox/Tommy Gibb, Jim Barron,

Mike Summerbee & Tony Book, Franz Beckenbauer.

Aug   29   West Brom v. Everton/Nott'm F/Trevor Swift/Peter Grummitt, Mike Channon,

Willie Johnston, Jairzinho.


Nov   21    Ray Kennedy & Tony Brown/Ups & Downs At Highfield Road/John Ritchie/New Look Liverpool, Fallen Fulham Are Rising Again, Gustavo Pena.




Jan    16    John Radford & Keith Newton/Newcastle/Bobby Hoy/Watford v. Sheff Utd, Peter Morris, George Best, Carlos Alberto.

Jan    23     Alan Gilzean, Tonny Dunne & David Sadler/(English clubs) Out To Conquer Europe/Steve Kindon/Ipswich v. Stoke, John Craven, Middlesbrough, Sandro Mazzola.


Feb     6     Harry Burrows, Colin Bell & Tony Book/The Ray (Clemence) Way to Save/Keith MacRae/Colin Todd, Howard Kendall, Dave Clement, Tostao.

Feb    20    Tommy Baldwin & Jimmy Greaves/King Pele & His Crown Jewels/Pat McMahon/Dave Clements, Colin Waldron, Tommy McLean, Bobby Charlton.


Mar      6   (L)  Brian Godfrey & Alan Mullery/Peter Thompson/Jim Steele/League Cup, A Wembley Winner, Derek Dougan, Luis Cubilla.

Mar    13    Frank Clarke/Sheff Utd/Bob Curtis/Bobby Clark, George McVitie,  Denis Hollywood, Florian Albert.

Mar    20    Bernard Shaw/England In Malta/Alfie Conn/Paul Reaney, Colin Harvey, Alan Oakes, Wolfgang Overath.

Mar    27    George Best & Mick Coop/Alan Ball/Billy Bonds/Paul Madeley, Ron Davies, Peter Storey, Tommy Gemmell


Apr    17    Phil Beal & Francis Lee/Mick Jones/Trevor Hockey/Ron Webster, Harry Burrows,

Doug Smith, Jimmy Husband.

Apr    24    John McDowell & Alan Birchenall/Britain v. Europe/Iam McFaul/Jack Charlton,

Arthur Duncan, Chris Chilton, Willie Morgan.


May     1    Joe Royle & Roy McFarland/All Happening at Ipswich/Derek Parkin/Tony Brown,

Geoff Hurst, Steve Murray, High Hopes for Huddersfield.

May     8    Charlie George/More Goals for Storey-Moore/Jimmy Robertson/Ralph Coates,

Bob Hatton & Terry Mancini, Paul Edwards, John O' Hare.


June   19    Micky Droy, Dave Webb, Larry Lloyd & Tommy Smith/Malcolm MacDonald/Sandy Jardine/Alex Stepney, Bob Latchford, Frank Munro, Hugh Fisher.

June   26    Phil Hoadley, Peter Wall & David Johnson/Cup Winner by George/Ted MacDougall/Leeds - Runners-Up Who Set The Pace, Francis Lee, Billy Dearden.


July     3    Martin Peters & John Greig/Steve Heighway/Tommy Wright/Mike Doyle,

John Hollins & Steve Kember, Pat Jennings, Don Givens.

July   17    Johnny Giles/Martin Chivers, Ralph Coates & Martin Peters/John JacksonAberdeen v. Celtic, Joe Royle, Willie Carr, Peter Cormack & Paul Richardson (sl tr)

July   24    Willie Morgan/Ian Storey-Moore/Ken Wagstaff/George Armstrong & Gordon Banks,

Joe Kinnear & Frank Clarke, Jimmy Smith, Alan Durban.



Aug    21    Ball, Best & Moore/West Brom/Gordon Banks/Steve Heighway, Willie Henderson,

Allan Clarke, Charlie George.


Sep      4    Billy Bremner & Liam O'Kane/Huddersfield/Trevor Francis/Colin Bell, Tommy Smith, Derek Dougan.

Sep    25    Ipswich v. Everton/Bobby Moore/Terry Hibbitt/All Star Line Up Booklet pics, Mike Doyle, Jon Sammels.


Oct      9    Clyde Best & John Kaye/No Blues For Everton/Peter Cormack/All Star Line Up Booklet pics, Rodney Marsh & Peter Rodrigues, Alex Stepney.


Dec    18   Ernie Hunt & Roy Ellam/Other Countries Put Their Shirts On Pele/David Nish/Alan Gowling, Peter Lorimer, John Radford, Joe Royle.




Jan      8    Martin Peters/England March On In Europe/Mike Doyle/John O'Hare, Ron Davies,

Rod Belfitt, Kenny Dalglish.

Jan    15    Marvin Hinton & Derek Dougan/Tottenham/Trevor Cherry/Jeff Blockley,

Shoot's Stars Change Their Colours, Johnny Giles, Tony Currie

Jan    22    F.A. Cup wallchart cover/Gordon Banks/Bob Hatton/Bobby Charlton, John McLaughlin, Peter Lorimer, Gerry Queen.

Jan    29    Tommy Baldwin & John O'Hare/1972 Soccer Calendar/Allan Hunter/Colin Bell,

George Armstrong, Paul Madeley.


Feb      5    Malcolm MacDonald & Phil Parkes (Wolves)/George Best/George Graham/Derek Possee, Kevin Keegan

Feb    12    John Hope/Stoke/Len Cantello/Roy McFarland, John McCormick & Brian Kidd,

Martin Chivers & Bob Chapman, Norman Piper

Feb    19    QPR v Orient/Alan Ball/John Richards/Alan Oakes, Frank Clark, Ray Clemence,

Ernie Hunt.


Mar      4    John Jackson, George Best & Denis Law/Eddie Gray/Alan Woodward/Mick Hill &

Alan Bloor, Jon Sammels, Derek Dougan, Tommy Gemmell.

Mar    25    Gerry Queen & John Wile/Pat Jennings/Len Badger/Terry Paine, Gerd Muller.


Apr      1     Frank Lampard & Willie Morgan/Pele/Colin Todd/Lou Macari, Ernie Machin,

Millwall v. Middlesbrough, David Craig.

Apr      8     Charlie Cooke & Roger Fry/Goal Grabber Gilzean At Work/Martin Buchan/Jim McCalliog, Sepp Maier, Terry Anderson, John Farrington.

Apr     22    Man Utd v. West Brom/Peter Shilton/Chris Nicholl/Final Step To Wembley,

Alan Hudson & Peter Osgood, Franz Beckenbauer.


May      6    Franz Beckenbauer & Bobby Moore/Denis Law/Pat Rice/Steve Kember & Eric Martin, Berti Vogts, Les Chapman, Colin Stein.

May    20    England v. West Germany/Gordon Banks & Bobby Moore/Clash of Europe's Giants, Len Glover, Steve Heighway.

May    27    George Best/Colin Bell/Alan Hudson/Derek Dougan, John O'Hare, Mike England, Graham Paddon.


June      3    Denis Law & Bobby Moore/How The Double Was Nearly Won/Rod Thomas/Stars For Club & Country, Sandro Mazzola, Martin Chivers.


July      1    Phil Parkes, Bernard Shaw & Billy Bremner/England Have A Ball At Hampden/Larry Lloyd/Hats off to (Bob) Hatton, Billy Bonds, Malcolm MacDonald.

July      8    QPR v. Norwich/Moore Goals for United/Paul Reaney/David Nish, Gerry Queen,

Terry Hennessey & Peter Storey, Willie Mathieson.

July    22    Peter Lormier & Roy McFarland/Ralph Coates/Jimmy Johnstone/Mike Summerbee,

Jeff Blockley, Ian Callaghan, Bryan King.


Aug      5    Asa Hartford/Muller The Magnificent Strikes Again/Wales v. England/Ted MacDougall, Paddy Mulligan, Tony Want, Bernard Shaw. 

Aug    12   Ernie Hunt & Colin Bell/Emlyn Hughes/Peter Simpson/Alan Woodward, Terry Darracott, Colin Boulton.

Aug    19    Ball, Best & Moore/Birmingham/Ian Storey-Moore/Kevin Keegan, Joe Harper, Hereford, Jack Charlton.    

Aug    26    Tottenham v. Wolves (UEFA Final)/Arsenal/Bill Glazier/Roney Marsh, Trevor Francis, Eric Carruthers.


Sep     2    Kevin Hector & Frank Clark/Liverpool/Allan Clarke/Trevor Hockey, Howard Kendall, Willie Wallace, John Greig.

Sep     9    Stars of the World Booklet Cover/Newcastle/Eddie Spearritt & Ray Graydon/Stars of World Booklet pics, Jimmy Johnstone.

Sep    16    Mike Summerbee/Chelsea/Dave Clements/Stars of World booklet pics,

Phil Roberts & Steve Kindon, Brian Hall.


Sep    30  (dated 23/30 Sep)   Bobby Charlton/Malcolm MacDonald/Dave Lennard/Stars of World booklet pics, Geoff Hurst, Ray Kennedy (sl tr).


Oct      7    Peter Osgood & Colin Todd/Aston V/Martin Peters/Stars of World booklet pics, 

Tony Currie, Drew Jarvie.

Oct    14    Alan Ball & Bobby Moore/Friendly Rivals/Malcolm Page/Stars of World booklet pics, Martin Buchan.

Oct    21   George Best/Internationals In Action/Roy McFarland/Stars of World booklet pics,

Iam McFaul, David Cross.


Nov     4    Ron Davies & Phil Parkes (Wolves)/Poles Spell Warning to England/Terry Conroy/Stars of World Booklet pics, Colin Viljoen, Peter Ward.

Nov    11    Colin Jackson & John Deans/Wolves/Willie Carr/Stars of World Booklet pics,

Steve Whitworth, Iain Phillip.

Nov    25    Bobby Hope & Joe Royle/Full of Eastern Promise (Ipswich & Norwich)/Mick Jones/Stars of World Booklet pics, Pat Howard, Farewell to Greaves The Great,


Dec      9    Chris Garland & John Wile/Penalty That Got Away/John Roberts/Stars of World

Booklet pics, Stan Bowles & Gerry Queen, Quintin Young.

Dec    16    George Best/Leeds/Bill Glazier/Stars of World Booklet pics, John Richards,

Leighton James.

Dec    23    Barry Lloyd & Bruce Rioch/Crash, Bang, Wallop/Alan Hinton/Billy Bonds,

Dave Johnstone, Eric Martin, John Marsh

Dec    30    Alan Ball/Kevin Keegan/Asa Hartford/Terry Hibbitt, John Craven, David Sadler.




Jan    13    Ian Storey-Moore/1973 Soccer Calendar, pt 2/Doug Livermore/John Aston & Jim Ryan, Mike Bailey, Roger Hynd, Geoff Salmons.


Feb     3    Tommy Baldwin & Frank Munro/Willie Morgan/Bobby Moncur/Trevor Francis,

John Hermiston, Bernard Shaw & Paul Madeley, Allan Hunter.

Feb   10    Mick McGuire/Southampton/Peter Cormack/George Armstrong,

Alex Forsyth & George Graham, Alan Hinton & John Mahoney, Derek Johnstone.


May   26    Lou Macari & Peter Storey/Iam McFaul, John Mahoney/Chris Cattlin/Shoot Team That Beats The World, Liverpool Seek Revenge of Germans.


June     9     Bobby Moore & Wlodzimierz Lubanski/World Cup Clash at Katowice/Bobby Clark/John Wile, Kenny Hibbitt

June    23    Allan Clarke & Derek Parkin/Sepp Maier/Alan Gilzean/Willie Donachie, Mick Lambert.


July     28    John Mahoney & George Graham/Mick Jones/Emlyn Hughes/QPR, Roger Kenyon.


Sep      1     Ball, Keegan & Moore/Sunderland/Martin Chivers & Derek Dougan/Derek Parlane, Allan Clarke, Peter Shilton.


Oct     27    Ball, Keegan & Moore/Wolves/Peter Cormack & Mick Jones/Magic Moments Booklet pics, Derek Parlane.


Nov      3    Colin Viljoen & Martin Buchan/Hampden Goes World Cup Crazy/Martin Peters & Hugh Fisher/Magic Moments Booklet pics, Banks For The Memory, Colin Waldron.

Nov    17    Sandro Mazzola & Tony Currie/Euro Stars Come to Britain/Steve Perryman/Magic Moments Booklet pics, Pat Stanton, John Connolly.

Nov    24   Ray Hankin & Colin Bell/England Go Out With Pride/Jon Sammels/Magic Moments Booklet Pics, Johnny Giles.


Dec      1    Ipswich v.  Man Utd/Super Strikers in Action/Derek Parkin/Magic Moments Booklet pics,

Peter Shilton.

Dec      8    Kevin Keegan/Celtic/Terry Paine/Magic Moments Booklet pics/Allan Hunter,

Dave Thomas.

Dec    15    John Flynn & Malcolm MacDonald/East Germany Win Their Way To The West/Bryan Robson/Magic Moments Booklet pics, John Mahoney.

Dec    22    Peter Simpson & Kevin Hector/Kevin Beattie & Trevor Whymark/Alan Birchenall/Magic Moments Booklet pics, Jim Steele, Alan Green




Jan   12   -  NOT PUBLISHED  (due to power crisis restrictions)

Jan   19  (dated 12/19 Jan)  Bryan Hamilton & Doug Collins/F.A. Cup Wallchart, pt 1/David Cross/Where The World Cup Will Be Won, Scots Wait For World Cup Draw, John McGovern.


Feb   23    Martin Peters & John Ritchie/QPR/Henry Newton/Tony Young, Peter McCloy,

Joe Royle, Alan West


Mar   30    Stan Bowles & Hugh Fisher/Ray Clemence/Steve Earle/Scotland Warm Up for World Cup, Shoot Supports Scotland, David Craig, Jerzy Gorgon.


May   18   Leighton James/Play The Pele Way/Mick Leach & Colin Todd/(Martin) Buchan Corners

Der Bomber (Muller), Trevor Brooking, Dave Clements.


July    20  (WC)  Johan Neeskens/World Cup Action Men/Dennis Mortimer/Dave Wagstaffe,

Ian Porterfield, Clive Woods, Peter McCloy.

July    27  (WC)  Georg Schwarzenbeck/On The Road to Munich/John Craggs/David Craig, Alan Campbell, Frank Worthington, Phil Thompson.


Aug     3   (WC)  Peter Osgood/How West Germany Won The World Cup/John Hollins/Chico Hamilton, Paul Madeley, John Connelly, David Nish.

Aug   10    Alan Stevenson/Steve Heighway/Eddie Kelly/Tony Brown, Tommy Booth, Mick Mills, Geoff Palmer.

Aug   17    Aiming To Put United Back On Top/Clyde Best & David Harvey/Archie Gemmill/Len Badger, Keith Weller, Stan Bowles.

Aug   24    Gordon Taylor & Kevin Keegan/Newcastle/Mike Summerbee/Billy Bremner & Kenny Dalglish, Mervyn Day.


Sep     7   Leeds v. Burnley/Leicester/Alan Hudson/Peter Anderson, Tony Currie, Arthur Graham, Bruce Rioch.

Sep   14   Captains Booklet Cover/Man Utd/David Hay/Captains Booklet pics, Alf Ramsey &

Bobby Moore, Jim Platt.

Sep   21   Peter Shilton/Leeds/Phil Parkes (QPR)/Captains Booklet pics/Mike Channon,

Geoff Salmons


Oct      5    Mick Mills/Everton/Pat Rice/Captains Booklet pics, Jim Brogan, Keith Weller.

Oct    12    Martin Dobson/Stoke/Rodney Marsh/Captains Booklet pics, Norman Hunter & Gordon McQueen, John Gidman.

Oct    19    Allan Clarke/Johan Cruyff/Hearts/Captains Booklet pics, Alan Garner & Phil Boersma, Peter Noble.

Oct    26   Kenny Burns/Chelsea/Bobby Murdoch/Captains Booklet pics, Francis Lee,

Eric Morecambe.


Nov     2    David Hay & Colin Bell/Eire & East Germany/David Cross/Captains Booklet pics,

Terry Yorath, Roland Sandberg

Nov     9    Dave Webb & Geoff Hurst/Liverpool/Kevin Beattie/Captains Booklet pics,

Brazil's Blond Bombshell, Keith Eddy.

Nov   16    John Dempsey & John Richards/Middlesbrough/Bruce Rioch/Captains Booklet pics, Dennis Tueart, Howard Kendall.

Nov   23    Ray Clemence/England Off With A Bang/Coming To Britain/Captains Booklet pics,

Bobby Moore, Micky Burns

Nov   30    Jimmy Neighbour & Frank Spraggon/Birmingham/Brian Talbot/Captains Booklet pics,

Jon Sammels, Duncan MacKenzie


Dec     7    Bobby Gould & David Nish/Man City/Wales/Captains Booklet pics, Sandy Jardine & Jocky Scott, Johnny Rep.

Dec   14    Alan Hudson/Burnley/Terry Mancini/Capatins Booklet pics, Fifth Time Lucky Celtic,

Steve Whitworth.

Dec   28   Jim Holton/1975 Soccer Calendar, pt 1/John Connolly/Captains Booklet pics,

Ray Martin, Gerry Francis.




Jan      4    1975 cover/1975 Soccer Calendar, pt 2/Martin Chivers/Captains booklet pics,

Don Givens & Denis Smith, Graham Fyfe

Jan     25    Allan Clarke & John Flynn/F.A. Cup Wallchart, pt 2/Glen Keeley/Jim Ryan, Peter Shilton, Chris Garland & Frank Munro, Phil Boyer.


Feb    15    Pat Jennings/Ipswich/Malcolm MacDonald/Joe Harper, Mike Doyle, Steve Kindon, Kazimierz Deyna.   


Mar    15    England v. West Germany preview/For Club & Country/Don Masson/West Germany, Rainer Bonhof, Lou Macari, Bobby Ford.

Mar    29    Gerry Francis & Dave Thomas/Scotland/Alan Woodward/Villans Take The Cup,

Jim Platt, Micky Droy.


Apr     26    Most Exciting Player Vote/Sheff Utd/Kevin Hector/John Mahoney, Dennis Rofe,

Liam Brady, Frank Gray


May    10  (F)  Billy Bonds & Bobby Moore/Title Fighters/Alex Stepney/On Their Way To Wembley, Hampden Here We Come, Stephen Murray.

May    17    Can 5-Goal Supermac Do It Again/Kevin Beattie & Kevin Keegan/Jimmy Greenhoff/Roy McFarland, Joe Smith, Terry Naylor & Willie Carr, Joe Royle.


June      7    Keith Eddy & Stuart Whitworh/Cockney Cup Kings/Brian Hall/Derby Winners, Celtic Take The Silver, Joe Gallagher.


July       5    Kevin Beattie & Billy Jennings/PSV Eindhoven/Pat Howard/Scots Hit By Wembley Whirlwind, Kenny Hibbitt, Mike Buckley.

July     12    Burnley v. Derby/Soccers Golfers Putting On The Style/Alan Dugdale/Pat Rice & Dennis Tueart, Colin Suggett, Hibs v. Hearts, Bobby Moncur.

July     19    Pat Jennings/Borussia Moenchengladbach/Eric Skeels/Sammy McIlroy & Graeme Crawford, Malcolm Page, Len Badger, Brian Talbot.

July     26    Leeds v. Newcastle/Stuart Pearson/Allan Hunter/Frank Munro, Sandy Jardine &

Harry Hood, Len Glover, Ian Gillard.


Aug      2    Colin Todd/Ipswich & West Ham Ready for Europe/Dave Watson/Tony Brown,

Stuart Boam, USA, Terry McDermott.

Aug      9    Jeff Blockley & Steve Kindon/Pele/Mike Bernard/Derek Parlane, Tony Want,

David Stewart, Viv Busby.


Sep      6    Gerry Francis/Ipswich/Dave Johnstone/Ray Clemence, Bidding For Glory, Bristol City, Brian Alderson.

Sep    27    Kevin Beattie & Alan Gowling/QPR/Bob McNab/Internationals Booklet pics,

Revie's England Remain Unbeatean, Chris Jones.


Oct      4    Kenny Dalglish & Kevin Hector/Sheff Utd/Alan Green/Internationals Booklet pics, Dundee Utd, Alan Taylor.

Oct     11    Stuart Pearson/Aston V/Gordon McQueen & Arthur Duncan/Internationals Booklet pics, Colin Bell & David Armstrong, Ray Wilkins.

Oct     25    Frank Lampard/Nott'm F, Dundee/David O'Leary, Pat Rice & Jimmy Greenhoff/Internationals Booklet pics, Jim Brogan, Joey Jones.


Nov      1    Brady, Keegan, Dalglish & Clements/Hibs, Blackburn/Willie Young/Internationals Booklet pics, John Gidman, Tommy Craig.

Nov      8    Ian Callaghan/Leeds/Cliff Calvert/Internationals Booklet pics, Ray Hankin,

Steve Kindon.

Nov    15    Malcolm MacDonald & Ted MacDougall/Sunderland/St. Johnstone/Internationals

Booklet pics, Gary Jones (Everton), Alex Cropley.

Nov    22    Gerry Francis & Rod Thomas/England Czech-ed !/Bolton/Internationals Booklet pics, 99 Challengers of Argentina '78, Mel Machin.

Nov    29   Tommy Taylor & Keith Eddy/Arsenal/Trevor Whymark/Internationals Booklet pics,

Alan Dodd, David Smallman.


Dec    20    Leighton James/Chelsea, Southampton/Mick Lyons/Internationals Booklet pics,

Alan Gordon, Steve Coppell.

Dec    27    Frank Lampard/1976 Soccer Calendar, pt 1/Geoff Hurst/Internationals Booklet pics, Willie Pettigrew, George Burley.




Jan    17    Dennis Tueart & Terry Cooper/F.A. Cup Wallchart, pt 2/Charlton/Mike Bernard, Harry Hood, Chris Guthrie, Barry Powell.  

Jan    31    Brian Talbot & Micky Burns/F.A. Cup Wallchart, pt 3/Blackpool/Bryan King, Jim Holton, Mick Leach & Howard Kendall, Bobby Robinson.


Feb    21    Norman Hunter & Stuart Pearson/West Ham/Peter Marinello/David Johnson,

Colin Franks, Ian Moores

Feb    28    Pat Holland & Ray Hankin/Middlesbrough/Ayr/Tommy Taylor, Trevor Cherry,

Brothers (Hibbitt) In Boots, Peter Thompson.


Mar      6 (L)  Asa Hartford & Malcolm MacDonald/Coventry/Phil Neal/Joe Corrigan,

Mike Mahoney, Alan West, Don Murray

Mar    20    John Craven/Tottenham/Brian Greenhoff/Roy Greenwood, Mick Mills,

Duncan McKenzie, Kenny Burns.

Mar    27    Kevin Keegan & John Toshack/Wales/Willie Miller/John Mahoney, Frank Worthington, Joe Royle, Paul Cheesley


Apr    10    Chris Cattlin & Joe Jordan/Wolves/John Hickton/Dick Malone, Ray Kennedy, Gary jones, Jim Cruickshank.

Apr    17    Howard Kendall/Leicester/Peter Shilton/Mick Martin, Martin Peters & Archie Gemmill, Pat Rice, Tommy Docherty.

Apr    24    QPR v. Liverpool/Man City/Malcolm MacDonald/Bobby lennox, Mike Summerbee, Glenn Hoddle, John Burridge.


May     8  (F)  Cup Finals Cover/Fighting For The Finals/Jimmy Case/Jim McCalliog, Gordon Hill, Billy Bonds, Colin Suggett.

May    15    Home Internationals Preview/Charlie George/Geoff Nulty/Sammy McIlroy,

Willie Pettigrew, John Mahoney, Tony Towers.

May    22    Gerry Francis/Goal Aces/David O' Leary/Scotland Kit Launch, Dave Clement,

Pat Jennings & Derek Spence, Geoff Merrick

May    29    American Bicentennial Preview/Mick McGuire, Phil Neal & Emlyn Hughes/Adrian Alston/Rod Thomas, Frank Gray, Graham Paddon & Gary Emmanuel, John Doyle.


June     5    Ian Gillard & Jimmy Rimmer/Saints On Cloud Nine/Allan Hunter/Tommy Hutchinson, Rangers' Grand Slam, Willie Carr, David Armstrong.

June   26    Chris Nicholl & Bruce Rioch/Liverpool's Double Again/Lincoln/Steve Whitworth, Scotland's Smiths, Paul Reaney, Don Masson.


July    10    David Johnson & Martin Buchan/Real Madrid/Keith Robson/Tony Want, Roy Greaves, Tom McLean, John Toshack.

July    17    John Mahoney & Mick Coop/Borussia Moenchengladbach/Kenny Dalglish/Stuart Pearson, Willie Young, Eddie Gray, Tom Mitchell. 

July    31     Mervyn Day & Tommy Taylor/AC Turin/Phil Thompson/Peter Brine, Peter Eastoe,

Chic McClelland, Paul Cooper


Aug      7    Asa Hartford/PSV Eindhoven/Hereford/Bobby Kerr, Dave Webb & David O'Leary,

Donal Murphy, Bobby McKean.

Aug    14    Ray McFarland & Alan Gowling/St. Etienne/David Harvey/Phil Boyer & Ray Kennedy, Andy Gray, Tony Evans, Pat Jennings.

Aug    21   (CS)  Charity Shield Preview/Notts Co, Walsall/Willie Johnston,Tony Powell &

Stan Bowles, John Blackley, Archie Genmill, Irving Nattrass.


Sep  18   -   NOT PUBLISHED

Sep    25  (dated 18/25 Sep)   Gordon Hill/Norwich/Leighton James/Football Firsts Booklet pics, Henry Hall, Jimmy Holmes.


Oct      2     Malcolm MacDonald/Newcastle/John Marsh/Football Firsts Booklet pics, Tony Currie, Ian Turner.

Oct    23     Alan Dugdale & Jimmy Greenhoff/West Ham/Jimmy Conway/Football Firsts Booklet pics, Bob Latchford, George Best.

Oct    30     Joe Gallagher, Tony Want & John Toshack/Oldham, Dundee Utd/Ian Moores/Football First Booklet pics, Willie Maddren, Terry Brisley.


Nov      6    Dennis Tueart & Steve Coppell/West Brom/Brian Little/Football Firsts Booklet pics, Toronto Become American Champs.

Nov    13    Terry Yorath & Phil Boyer/Derby/Alan Gowling/Football Firsts Booklet pics,

David O'Leary, Giancarlo Antognoni.

Nov    20    World Cup Qualifiers Preview/England, Doing The Double - Just !/Burnley/Football Firsts Booklet pics, Peter Taylor (Tottenham)

Nov    27    Bryan Robson (West Ham) & Allan Hunter/Hibernian/Kenny Burns/Football Firsts Booklet pics, Sam Allardyce, Keith Weller.


Dec      4    Alan Ball & Mike Bernard/Aston V/Geoff Merrick/Football Firsts Booklet pics, John Greig's Silver Mine, Brian Kidd.

Dec    25    Trevor Francis & Willie Maddren/Gerry Francis, Gordon Hill & Kevin Keegan/Paul Mariner/Football Firsts Booklet pics, Brighton, Boca Juniors.




Jan      1    Elton John/1977 Soccer Calendar, pt 1/Colin Todd/Football Firsts booklet pics, Blackpool, Bill Green.

Jan      8    Charlie George & Brian Greenhoff/1977 Soccer Calendar, pt 2/Tom Ritchie/Football Firsts booklet pics, Cardiff, Mick Mills

Jan    15    Kevin Beattie/F.A. Cup Wallchart, pt 1/Fulham/Football First booklet pics, Tony Want, Ronnie Glavin.

Jan    22    Glenn Hoddle & Tony Currie/F.A. Cup Wallchart, pt 2/Irving Nattrass/Terry Cooper, Eddie Kelly, Luton Malkie Robertson.

Jan    29    Garry Stanley & John Ritson/F.A. Cup Wallchart, pt 3/David Cross/Dundee, Phil Neal, Nott'm F., Jimmy Nicholl.


Feb      5    Kenny Dalglish & John Greig/F.A. Cup Wallchart, pt 4/Jim Holton/Derek Hales,

John Gidman, Bristol R., Trevor Ross.

Feb    12    Trevor Brooking & Ruud Krol/Man Utd/Mick Ferguson/Arthur Graham, Mike Pejic,

Eire, Andy King.

Feb    19    Allan Hunter & Joe Jordan/Arsenal/Graeme Souness/Viv Busby & Colin Todd, Steve Kember, Jim Brown, Asa Hartford.

Feb    26   Mick Coop & Alan Gowling/Bolton, Halsmtad/Alan Ball/Davie Cooper, Ray Kennedy, Glenn Hoddle, John Wile.


Mar      5    Kevin Keegan & Robbie Rensenbrink/Leicester/Millwall/Gordon Smith (Aston V),

Ray Kennedy, Graham Shaw & Joe Filippi, John Tudor.

Mar    12    Frank Stapleton & Peter Shilton/Liverpool/Gerry Gow/Holland Show England The Way,  Motherwell, Aidan McCaffery.

Mar    19  (L)  Andy Gray & Ken McNaught/Tottenham/Joe Royle/Andy Gray, Ronnie Goodlass, Tom McAdam, John Connolly.


Apr      2    World Cup Preview/Ipswich/Rangers v. Kilmarnock/Jeff Clarke, Ian Gillard, Mick Coop, Steve Finnieston.

Apr      9    Paul Mariner & Norman Hunter/Crystal P., Hearts/Willie Young/League Cup marathon, Martin Peters, Roger Davies.

Apr    16    Leighton Phillips & Trevor Francis/Aberdeen/Joe Corrigan/Jon Sammels, Alan Gowling, Billy Bonds, Derek Spence.

Apr    23    Jimmy Holmes & Laurie Cunningham/Celtic/Howard Kendall/Gerry Daly, Mike Channon, Stuart Boam, John Hollins.

Apr    30    Andy Gray/Stoke/Anton Otulakowski/Every One A Winner, Jackie Campbell,

Steve Williams.


May     7     Most Exciting Player Vote/Coventry/Mike Doyle/Colin Boulton, John Brownlie,

Pat Rice, Peter Ward

May   14  (SF)  Celtic v. Rangers/Keegan & Toshack/Kevin Keelan/Cambridge, Eddie Gray,

John Osborne, Paul Futcher

May   21   David O'Leary/Aston V/Jeff Wood/George Burley, Phil Boersma, Steve Whitworth,

Ian Wallace.


June     4    Allan Hunter & Kevin Keegan/QPR/England U-21/John Mahoney, Bruce Rioch,

Liam Brady, Steve Taylor.

June   11    Home International Preview/Sunderland/Steve Daley/Rod Thomas, Sammy McIlroy, Celtic's Cup, Zico.

June   18    Phil Boyer & John Wark/Just What The Doc Ordered/Ian Britton/Argentina,

Chris Jones & John Deehan, Sligo, Steve Sims.

June   25    Brian Roberts & Ralph Coates/Liverpool Are Magic/Martin O'Neill/Scots Aim To Break Duck, Rene Houseman, Ajax, Barry Jones.


July      2    Norwich v. Ipswich/Chelsea/Terry Hibbitt/Alan Suddick, Tommy Craig, 

Borussia Moenchengladbach, Roy Aitken   

July      9    Colin Todd & Mike Doyle/Scotland Again/Joe Wark/Mansfield, Alex Cropley, Nantes, Gordon McQueen.

July    16    Malcolm MacDonald/Rodney Marsh/Peter Eastoe/Juventus, Bohemians, Jim Blyth, Terry Lee.

July    23    Joey Jones/Battle of the Superstars/Keith Osgood/Athletico Madrid, Stewart Houston, David Narey, Tony Woodcock.

July    30    Jim Cannon, George Graham & Sam Morgan/England In South America/Duncan McKenzie, Bruges, Mike Mahoney, Archie Gemmill, David Fairclough.


Aug      6    Terry Yorath/The Anfield Players/Dennis Tueart/Scotland in South America, Ray Lewington.

Aug    13    Steve Powell & Leighton Phillips/Franz Beckenbauer/Laurie Cunningham/Martin Buchan, Phil Neal, Willie Young.

Aug    20  (CS)  Brian Greenhoff & Steve Heighway/Nick Deacy & Derek Parlane/Dennis Rofe/Tony McAndrew, Chris Garland, Barry Siddall.


Sep      3    Ray Wilkins/Scotland/Sheff Utd/George Best, Kevin Keegan, Jimmy Case.

Sep    17    Soccer Sensations booklet cover/Norwich/Steve Kember/Soccer Senastaions booklet pics, Bobby McDonald, John Deehan

Sep    24    Tommy Craig/Nott'm F/Peter Millar/Soccer Sensations booklet pics, John Wark.


Oct       1     Leighton Philips & Kenny Dalglish/QPR/Peter Cormack/Soccer Sensations booklet pics, Colin Todd.

Oct       8    Garry Pendrey & Gordon Hill/Pele's Final Farewell/Brighton/Soccer Sensations booklet pcs, Kevin Reeves.

Oct     15    Larry Lloyd & Archie Gemmill/Everton/David Mills/Soccer Sensations booklet pics,

Joe Craig.

Oct     22    Stan Bowles & Steve Sims/Coventry/Kenny Hibbitt/Soccer Sensations booklet pics,

Gerry Peyton.

Oct     29    Liam Brady/Man City/Kenny Dalglish/Soccer Sensations booklet pics, Trevor Francis.


Nov      5    Tony Currie & Sammy McIlroy/Hull, Hamburg/Drew Jarvie/Soccer Senstaions booklet pics, Ray Graydon.     

Nov    12    Brian Kidd & Dennis Tueart/Rangers/Len Cantello/Soccer Sensations booklet pics, Colin Powell.

Nov    19   Trevor Brooking/World Cup Gloom & Glory/Crystal P/Soccer Sensations booklet pics, Fancesco Graziani.

Nov    26    Gordon Hill/Middlesbrough/Mark Lawrenson/Soccer Sensations booklet pics,

Gerry Francis.


Dec      3    Dave Watson & Kevin Mabbutt/West Brom/Derek Hales/Soccer Sensations booklet pics, Colin Waldron, Ken McNaught.

Dec    17    Jim Holton & Cyrille Regis/West Ham/Ian Bowyer/Soccer Sensations booklet pics,

Hibs v. Clydebank, Graham Rix.

Dec    24    Stan Bowles & Gordon Smith (Aston V)/New York Cosmos, Blackburn/Cruyff's Magic Moment/Soccer Sensations booklet pics, Kenny Watson.

Dec    31    Ray Clemence/Man Utd/John Hollins/Soccer Sensations booklet pics,

Bryan Robson (West Brom), Peter Withe & Tommy Booth.




Jan   14    Len Cantello & Lou Macari/1978 Soccer Calendar, pt 2/Dundee Utd/Southampton,

Bob Latchford, John Middleton.

Jan   21    Ray Hankin/F.A. Cup Wallchart, pt 1/Don Givens & Tommy Smith/Charlton,

Mark Wallington, Billy Stark, Alan Sunderland.

Jan   28    Joey Jones/F.A. Cup Wallchart, pt 2/Martin Dobson/Hibs, Tony Godden, Billy Ashcroft.


Feb     4    Peter Shilton/F.A. Cup Wallchart, pt 3.Colin Jackson/Roger Davies, Steve Coppell, Cardiff,  Arthur Graham. 

Feb   11    Peter Eastoe & Leighton Phillips/F.A. Cup Wallchart, pt 4/Tommy Cassidy/Stoke,

David Cross, Jim Calderwood.

Feb   25   Ray Clemence/Liverpool/Geoff Merrick/West Germany, Peter Bonetti, Peter Reid.


Mar     4    David O'Leary/Aston V/Swindon/Cyrille Regis, Joe Harper, Jim Blyth.

Mar   11    Tony Towers & Kenny Dalglish/Tottenham/Partick/Sammy McIlroy, Brian Little,

Viv Anderson.  

Mar   18    Terry Hibbitt/Derby/Orient/England & Scotland Can Be Proud, Peter Barnes,

Kenny Swain.


Apr     1     John Deehan/Arsenal/Oldham/Barry Powell, Phil Boersma, Brian Flynn, Mark Higgins.

Apr     8     Alan Devonshire & Willie Johnston/Bristol City/Dennis Rofe/David Fairclough,

Gordon Hill, John Mahoney.

Apr   15    Brian Kidd/Chelsea/Gordon McQueen/Forest & Rangers Win League Cups,

David Peach.

Apr   22    Kevin Keegan/Brazil & Ray Wilkins/Paul Bradshaw/Gerry Daly, Alastair Robertston,

Colin Viljoen.

Apr   29    Martin O'Neill & Bryan Robson (West Ham)/Ipswich/Lou Macari/Mark McGhee,

John Trewick, Graeme Souness.


May     6    Frank Stapleton & Willie Young/Birmingham/David Harvey/John Gidman, Dom Sullivan.

May   20   Brian Stubbs & Frank Worthington/John Greig, Trevor Francis/Trevor Brooking &

David Nish/Duncan McKenzie, Martin Peters.


June   10    Nick Holmes & Glenn Hoddle/Action All The Way/Morton/David Armstrong,

Tony Higgins & Roy Aitken, Cyrille Regis.

June   17    Malcolm MacDonald & Norman Hunter/England Avengers/Frank Gray/Johan Bows Out, John McGovern.

June   24    Peter Withe, Micky Droy & Steve Wicks/Goal Hungary !/Paul Mariner/Linfield,

Tommy Craig & Graham Paddon, Dixie McNeill.


July     1  (WC)  Italy v France/Rodney Marsh/Bohemians/Curtain Up on the Big Show, Willie Carr.

July     8  (WC)  Spain v. Brazil/Thrill Filled Football/Mike Channon/Peter Ward, Andy Gray,

Roy Greaves.

July   15  (WC)  Paul Mariner & Martin Buchan/World Cup Action All The Way/Barry Daines/Stan Cummins, Steve Wicks & Kenny Dalglish

July   29     Rod McDonald & Colin Jackson/Archie Gemmill/Gerry Sweeney/Kevin Keegan,

Micky Droy & Joe Jordan, Jim Montgomery.


Aug     5    Duncan Forbes & Cyrille Regis/Peter Barnes/Ernie Howe/John Beck, Mark Higgins,

Billy Pirie.

Aug   12    John Robertson & Brian Flynn/Taking It Easy/Dave Langan/Steve Daley,

Bill Garner & David O'Leary. 

Aug   19    Ray Kennedy/Sports Spectacular (BBC Superstars)/Notts Co/Dave Thomas.

Aug   26    Clive Woods & Martin O'Neill/Man City/Steve Coppell/Kenny Dalglish &

Derek Johnstone, Steve Buckley.


Sep     2    Gerry Daly & Dennis Mortimer/Celtic/John Wile/Bob Latchford, Neil McNab.

Sep     9    Ian Wallace & Colin Barrett/Tottenham/Phil Boyer/Steve Heighway, Drew Busby.

Sep   16    International Who's Who Booklet cover/Wolves/Gordon Smith (Aston V)/International Who's Who booklet pics.

Sep   23    David O'Leary & Pat Rice/Liverpool/Chivers Back With A Goal/International Who's Who booklet pics, Glenn Roeder.

Sep   30    Martin Dobson & Geoff Nulty/International Who's Who booklet pics/Brighton/Cosmos Double Has Rowdies Reeling, Paul Futcher.


Oct    14    Brian Talbot & Gordon McQueen/Arsenal/Frank Worthington/International Who Who's booklet pics

Oct    21    Stan Bowles, Viv Anderson & Martin O'Neill/Coventry/Don Gillies/International Who's Who booklet pics, Alan Kennedy.

Oct    28    Ray Wilkins/Mixed Fortunes In Europe/Stoke/International Who's Who booklet pics,

Bobby Smith.


Nov     4    Allan Evans & Ted McDougall/Middlesbrough/Phil Neal & Laurie Cunnigham/International Who's Who booklet pics, Gerry Daly.

Nov   11    Martin Peters & Gary Owen/Southampton/Liam Brady/International Who's Who booklet pics, Tony Currie.

Nov   18   Terry Yorath & Byron Stevenson/Man Utd/Crystal P/International Who's Who booklet pics, Arnold Muhren.

Nov   25    Mike Pejic/Rangers/Mike Flanagan/Internationals Who's Who booklet pics,

Alberto Tarantini, Frank Gray.


Dec     2    Kevin Keegan/Britain Marches Towards Italy/West Ham/International Who's Who booklet pics, Keith Robson, Willie Johnston.  

Dec     9    Ray Hankin & Tony Powell/Martin Buchan & Billy Rafferty/Burnley/International Who's Who booklet pics, Derek Statham

Dec   16    Martin O'Neill & Peter Taylor (Tottenham)/Aston V/Joe Jordan/International Who's Who booklet pics, Steve Hunt.

Dec   23    Kenny Dalglish & Kevin Keegan/Czechs Checked/Dundee Utd/International Who's Who booklet pics, David O'Leary.

Dec   30    Ray Wilkins/1979 Soccer Calender, pt 1/Fulham/International Who's Who booklet pics, Jim Stewart, Roy Aitken & Alex Miller.




Jan     6    Gordon McQueen/1979 Soccer Calendar, pt 2/Colin Lee/International Who's Who booklet pics, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed.

Jan   13    Don Shanks & Mike Pejic/F.A. Cup wallchart, pt 1/Aberdeen/Don Gillies, Steve Powell, Brian Kidd, Bob Hatton.

Jan   20    David Johnson & Ernie Howe/F.A. Cup wallchart, pt 2/Wrexham/Tony Brown,

Ray Hankin, Tony Towers, Garry Birtles.

Jan   27    Ray Clemence, Andy Gray, Derek Johnstone & Gordon McQueen/F.A. Cup wallchart,

pt 3/Graham Rix & Nick Holmes/Charlton, Mel Eves & Stewart Houston, Kevin Bond, Chris Nicholl.   

Feb     3    Dave Langan & Mickey Thomas./F.A. Cup wallchart, pt 4/Steve Wicks/Graeme Souness, Tommy Hutchinson, Preston, Kazimerz Deyna.

Feb   10    Terry Butcher & Frank Worthington/Nott'm F./Steve Daley/Martin Dobson,

Alan Devonshire & Ralph Coates, Ian Fleming.

Feb   17    Phil Hoadley & John Hawley/Everton/Jim Cannon/Malcolm Waldron, Ken McNaught, Ricky Villa, Joe Royle.

Feb   24    Ossie Ardiles/West Brom/Ray Dunlop/Sammy Irvine, Tommy Booth, Barry Powell,

David O' Leary.


Mar     3    Lou Macari/QPR/Malcolm Page/Super England on Top, Mike Pejic, Joe Bolton.

Mar   10    Tom Ritchie & Paul Futcher/Leeds/Paul Mariner/Peter Shilton, John Duncan,

Geoff Palmer, Kenny Sansom.

Mar   17    Brian Talbot/Trevor Francis/Richard Money/Jimmy Greenhoff, Gordon Cowans,

Brendon Batson

Mar   24  (L)  Alan Ball & John McGovern/United Nations of Old Trafford/St. Mirren/First for Saints & Second For Forest, Bobby McDonald, Ron Harris.

Mar   31     Vic Moreland & Mel Eves/Bristol C/Gary Owen/At Home with Spurs' Argentines,

Kevin Beattie.


Apr     7     Andy Gray & Mick Lyons/Birmingham/Partick/Bryan Robson (West Brom),

Alan Sunderland, Paul Jones, Terry McDermott.
Apr   14    Clive Woods/Bolton/Brian Flynn/Derek Parkin, Martin Buchan,  Paul McGee.

Apr   21    John Lacy & Sammy McIlroy/Forest Make League Cup History/Bob Paisley/Leicester, Jimmy Neighbour, Bobby Russell.

Apr   28    Frank Stapleton & Paul Jones/Gerd Muller/Kevin Keelan & Paul Power/Phil Parkes,

Alistair Robertson, Gary Collier.


May   5    Euro Qualifiers Preview/Forest v. Derby/George McCluskey/Stuart Boam,

Gary Williams & Billy Wright, Don McAllister, Brendan Callaghan.

May  12   Tony Brown & Steve Williams/Kevin Keegan/Asa Hartford/Andy Gray, Don Givens,

Mark Lawrenson & Paul Garner, Ian Wallace.

May  19  (F)  Pat Rice & Martin Buchan/3 Out of 4 for United/Larry Lloyd/Arsenal Are There Again, Rangers Retain League Cup, Hibs & Holders Get Through.

May  26    Alan Curtis & Brian Greenhoff/Best In Britain/Joe Harper & Johannes Edvaldsson/Liam Brady, Irving Nattrass, Mickey Thomas.


June   2   (E) England v Scotland & European Cup preview/Night of Glory for English Managers/Graeme Souness & Trevor Brooking/Gerry Armstrong, Malcolm Page,

Len Cantello & Brendon Batson, Steve Williams.

June   9    Daniel Passerella/Chelsea/Jim McDonagh/Irish Eyes Smiling & Welsh Woe,

Scots Aim for a Double,  Alan Hansen.

June  23    Trevor Francis & Peter Shilton/Clough's Euro Champs/Armold Muhren/Scots On Top England Fight Back, Dundalk, Paul Randall.

June  30    Tommy Hutchinson & Barry Powell/Super Reds of Anfield/Liam Brady & Hans Muller/Bonetti's Farewell, Argentina v. Holland, Davie Provan.


July     7   Jimmy Greenhoff/England Bash The Bulgars/Berti (Vogts) Bows Out/Gerry Gow & Kevin Mabbutt, Champion Display (Scotland v. Argentina), Frans Thijssen

July   14   Tony Currie/England On Tour v. Sweden & Austria/Colin Todd/Strasbourg, Trevor Cherry,

Micky Burns.

July   21   Ricky Villa/Champion Kevin (Keegan)/Leeds' Welsh Quartet/Linfield, The Team That

Aims To Bring Peace To The Terraces, Paul Hegarty.

July   28   Mike Conroy & Derek Johnstone/England Summer Report/Ajax/Bill Rafferty,

David Cross, Joe Corrigan.


Aug    4    Phil Hoadley & Phil Boyer/Jmmy Greenhoff/David Johnson/Real Madrid, Ian Bowyer, Byron Stevenson, David Mills.

Aug   11   Garry Birtles & Phil Thompson/Ray Wilkins/Willie Young/Allan Hunter, Gary Gillespie,

AC Milan, Austin Hayes.

Aug   18  (CS)  Pat Rice & Phil Thompson/Charity Stops At Wembley/Andy King/Lou Macari,

Roy Greenwood, Paul Richardson, Kenny Swain & Tony Powell.

Aug   25   Ray Wilkins/Derby/Malcolm Allison, Bobby Shinton & Michael Robinson/Kenny Dalglish & Andy Ritchie, Dave Watson, Paul Mariner, Bryan Robson (West Brom).


Sep     1   Viv Anderson/West Brom/Leicester/Phil Boyer & Don McAllister, Brian Kidd,

Gary Rowell, Gerry Ryan.

Sep   15    Kevin Keegan/Brighton/Burnley/Captains booklet pics, Liverpool's Shield Again,

Gary Owen.

Sep   22    John Robertson/Man City/Gerry Francis & Mike Flanagan/Captains booklet pics,

Chris Jones & Mark Higgins, Frank McGarvey.

Sep   29    Peter O' Sullivan & David Price/Everton/Gordon McQueen & Ray Wilkins/Captains booklet pics, Laurie Cunningham, Dundee Utd.


Oct      6    Aiden McCaffery & Andy King/Arsenal/Notts Co/Captains booklet pics, Tommy Booth, Mick McGuire & Barry Powell.

Oct    13    Graeme Souness & Bryan Robson (West Brom)/No Defeats, Little Cheer (International Action)/Kevin Hird/Captains booklet pics, Vancouver's Success Made In Britain.

Oct    20    Allan Hunter & Mick Mills/Wolves/Mark Proctor/Captains booklet pics, Billy Gilbert,

John Deehan

Oct    27   Clive Whitehead & Billy Rafferty/Man Utd/Alex MacDonald/Captains booklet pics,

Mike Pejic, Gary Stanley.


Nov     3    Alan Taylor & Tony Woodcock/Southampton/John Gregory/Captains booklet pics,

Dave Clement, 100 Years of the Baggies.

Nov   17    Dave Swindlehurst & Terry Butcher/Celtic/Ivan Golac/Captains booklet pics,

John Richards, John Hollins.

Nov   24    Trevor Francis/Tottenham/Birmingham/Captains booklet pics, Jimmy Case,

Gary Williams.


Dec    1   Trevor Ross/Newcastle/Kevin Reeves/Captains booklet pics, Roger Jones, Tony Morley.

Dec    8   Steve Daley & Carl Harris/Ipswich/Steve Wicks/Captains booklet pics, Aberdeen,

Mike Channon & Mick Coop.

Dec  15   Paul Bradshaw & Lou Macari/Forest Furies/Michael Robinson/Captains booklet pics,

Terry Venables, Paul Hart & Kevin Hird.

Dec  22   Mark Lawrenson &  Alan Sunderland/Italy Here We Come !/Kevin Mabbutt/Captains booklet pics, Partick, Petar Borota.

Dec  29/Jan  5    Viv Anderson/Liverpool/Tony Currie/Captains booklet pics, Andy Gray,

Tony Godden, John Bailey, Spurs Superstars At Home and Play, Kevin Arnott, 1980 Football Calendar, Morton, Phil Boyer.





Jan   12   Peter Shilton/F.A. Cup wallchart, pt 1/Len Cantello/Captains booklet pics, Cardiff.

Jan   19   Wolves v. Man Utd/F.A. Cup wallchart, pt 2/Peter Barnes/Tony Woodcock, West Ham, George Best.

Jan   26   Brendan Ormsby & John Deehan/F.A. Cup wallchart, pt 3/Dave Watson/Mike Fillery, Luton.


Feb     2   Chris Jones/F.A. Cup wallchart, pt 4/Archie Gemmill/Roger Davies & Mark Proctor,

Alan Kennedy, Dundee.

Feb     9   Liam Brady & Ray Wilkins/Aston V/John Gregory/John Burridge, Jimmy Nicholl,

Andy King, Preston.

Feb   16   Billy Ashcroft/Crystal P/Kenny Dalglish/Tommy Caton, Ally Dawson & Tommy Burns, Bobby McDonald & Gerry Sweeney.

Feb   23   Billy Wright & Gerry Daly/Sunderland/Alan Rough/King Keegan at Home, Kenny Swain


Mar    8   Kevin Reeves & Martin Buchan/Keegan, England's Best/Diego Maradona/Alan Ball,

Super Forest, Gary Owen, Sheff Wed.

Mar   15   John Wark & Bryan Robson (West Brom)/Coventry/Graham Rix/Tony Towers,

Terry Yorath, Airdrie, Peter Ward.

Mar   22  (L)  Emlyn Hughes & John McGovern/Norwich/Jim McDonagh/Battle of the Midland Giants, David Johnson & Brendan Batson, Clive Allen.

Mar  29     Willie Donachie & Sammy McIlroy/England/N. Ireland/Century of Manchester Derbies, Murdo Macleod, Kevin Keegan.


Apr      5    Brian Little/Trevor Francis/Billy Gilbert & Eric Gates/Ian Bowyer & Trevor Cherry,

Eric Steele, Joe McBride, Pat Jennings.

Apr    12    Martin Peters/Middlesbrough/Jerry Murphy/Gray Day for Forest (League Cup Final action), Keegan & Woodcock Under Fire.

Apr    19    Mick Mills & Sammy McIlroy/Nott'm F/Phil Boyer/England Reign In Spain,

Tonic For Scots, Anton Ondrus.

Apr    26    Trevor Francis/Stoke/Kevin Reeves/Steve Whitworth, David Price, Allan Evans,

Thomas Mavros.


May     3    Greenwood's Squad for Italy/Lou Macari & Alan Hansen/John Toshack/Bernard Dietz - England Can Be Champions, Joe Royle, Billy McNeill.

May    10   Asa Hartford/Super Reds - Liverpool's 10 Year Rule/Tommy Caton/Paul Mariner,

Frank Lampard with David Essex, Keegan - We Can Win In Rome.


May 17, May 24, May 31, June 7, June 14, June 21  -  NOT PUBLISHED


June  28    Garry Birtles & Aidan McCaffrey/Action All the Way/Alex McLeish/Brian Flynn,

Alan Devonshire, Peter Eastoe.


July     5    Eric Gerets & Kevin Keegan/Stars of Euro '80/Emlyn Hughes/Phil Boyer & Mick Coop, David Johnson, Larry May   

July   12    Tony Woodcock/No Medals But No Disgrace/Alan Sunderland/Davie Provan,

Limerick, Gary Owen.   

July   19    Jerry Murphy & Brian Horton/England/Gary Gillespie/ Gary megson, Frans Thijssen  Martin Buchan, West Germany - Kings of Europe.

July   26    Kevin Bond & Gary Owen/Hat-Trick Heroes/David Fairclough/Sandy Jardine,

David Hodgson,  Dennis Mortimer.


Aug      2    Laurie Cunningham/Peter Shilton/Steve Daley/Billy Gilbert, Cyrille Regis &

Terry Butcher, Alan Curtis, Joe Gallagher.

Aug      9    Ian Wallace/Kevin Keegan/Stan Cummins/Peter Withe, Frank Stapleton,

Diego Maradona, Dave Watson.

Aug    16  (CS)  Paul Allen & Phil Thompson/Tommy Caton/John Wark/Set For a Charity Classic, Linfield.

Aug    23    John McAlle & Joe Jordan/Everton/Gary Shaw/Cesar Menotti - Europe Ignores Skill, Kenny Dalglish & Davie Provan, Kevin Keegan.

Aug    30    Clive Allen/Middlesbrough/Alan Young/Derek Statham, Jimmy Case, Kevin Arnott,

Justin Fashanu & Martin O'Neill.


Sep     6     Allan Evans/Leeds/Steve Archibald/Ray Ranson, Kenny Dalglish, Trevor Ross. 

Sep   13     Archie Gemmill & Steve Coppell/Brighton/Doug Somner/All Time Greats booklet pics, Crystal P v. Liverpool, Nick Holmes.

Sep   20    Ossie Ardiles & Alex Sabella/Rangers/Mike Channon & Nicky Reid/All Time Greats booklet pics, Mark Dennis, Swansea.

Sep   27    Arnold Muhren & Frans Thijssen/Aston V/Dundee Utd/All Time Greats booklet pics,

Tony McAndrew, Mickey Thomas.


Oct      4    Joe Jordan & Nicky Reid/Liverpool/Gerry Daly/All Time Greats booklet pics,

Sheff Wed, Mike Doyle & Joe Royle.

Oct    11    Tony Woodcock/England Back In Business/Chelsea/All Time Greats booklet pics,

Gary Bailey, Handy Start for Eoin's Eire.

Oct    18    Phil Thompson/Signor Brady/Mick Mills/All Time Greats booklet pics, Blackburn,

Soccer Bowl '80.

Oct    25    Ray Clemence/Norwich/Garth Crooks/All Time Greats booklet pics, Kevin Dillon, Kilmarnock.


Nov     1     Steve Williams/Celtic/Asa Hartford/All Time Greats booklet pics, Derby, John O'Neill.

Nov     8     Frank Stapleton & Alan Sunderland/West Brom/Charlie George/All Time Greats booklet pics, Airdrie, Phil Thompson.

Nov    15    Alan Young, Shaun Elliott & Claudio Marangoni/Ipswich/Paul Goddard/All Time Greats booklet pics, Grimsby

Nov    22    Peter Shilton/Wolves/Derek Statham/Mixed Fortunes For Britain, All Time Greats booklet pics

Nov    29    Kenny Sansom/Laurie Cunningham/Paul Barron/Notts Co, All Time Greats booklet pics.


Dec      6    Peter Ward/Leicester/Arthur Albiston/Newport, Mick Lyons, All Time booklet pics.

Dec    13    Paul Hinshelwood & Garry Birtles/Stoke/Alan Biley/Gordon Cowans, Partick,

All Time Greats booklet pics.

Dec    20    Dennis Tueart/Aberdeen/West Ham/Rafael Villazan, Alan Ainscow,

All Time Greats booklet pics.

Dec    27/Jan  3     Tony Woodcock/Man Utd/Colin McAdam/Spain Here We Come, Dundee,

Phil Neal, John Chiedozie, All Time Greats booklet pics, John Devine, Paul Dyson & Andy Gray



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