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Charles Buchan, 1961-74


Charles Buchan's Football Monthly continued under his name until August 1971, and was then published simply as Football Monthly for the following two years.


A smaller 'booklet' type magazine appeared as Football Monthly Digest from September 1973 until the last issue in June 1974. It was then replaced by 'Football' which eventually became the 'new' Football Monthly.

Details listed against each date refer to colour posters of front cover/centre pages/back cover/other page, other page etc.




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February - Phil Woosnam/Portrait Gallery/Denis Law/Vic Rouse, Bobby Mason.

March - George Eastham/Bristol Rovers/John Quigley/Tommy Leisham, Bertie Auld.
April - Vic Crowe/Liverpool/John McGuigan/Joe Waters, Malcolm Edwards.

July - Stan Anderson/Bobby Moore & Pat Quinn/Graham Moore/Tony Kay, Stuart Mitchell.

August - Johnny Byrne/Ipswich/1961-62 Gift Book ad/Len Ashurst, Frank McLintock.

September - Smith, Haynes, Swan & Springett/Slazenger ad/Gift Book ad/Stars of England, Duncan Edwards stained glass window.    

November - Laurie Brown/Nott'm F/Gift Book ad/John Grant, Dunfermline. 

December - Wolves action/Gallery of Stars/Roy Jennings, Ray Ray Ray - Yeoman Savino & Sandbrook.



January - Bert Trautmann/Everton/John McLeod/Peter Broadbent, Roy Little.

February - Stan Matthews/Man City/David McParland/Star Gallery, Portsmouth.

March - Taylor, Stuart, Leary & Elsworthy/Southampton/Mark Pearson/Alec Hamilton, Les Massie & Willie Toner.   

April - Bobby Collins/Gallery of Stars/Pat Quinn/Alex Elder/Stuart Williams & Bob Kinloch.  

July - Tom Leishman & Gordon Milne/Burnley/Cecil Coldwell/Stars of Liverpool, Willie Cunningham.

November - Alex Young, Joe Kirkup, Jimmy McNab/Sheff Wed/Ian McMillan/Joe Shaw,

John Newman, Sid Bishop & Geoff Strong.

December - Sheffield Utd action/Chris Crowe/Billy Wallace/Chris Chilton, Danny Blacnhflower, 

Stan Anderson (sl tr)



January - Jimmy Armfield & Tony Waiters/Stars of Chelsea/Bob Carroll/Gerry Byrne, Vic Crowe, Leicester.

February - Calvin Palmer/Man Utd/Tommy Preston/Brian Clough, Bert Slater,

Dennis Edwards & Dave Dunmore

March - Bobby Tambling & Stan Anderson/Des Horne & Alex Harley/Frank Beattie/Notts Co,

Peter Swan & Bobby Smith, Graham Williams.

April - Fulham action/Derek Dougan/Stuart Fraser/Dave Hilley, Don Ratcliffe, Alan Hodgkinson

May - Stars of Liverpool/Ronnie Simpson & Sandy Brown/Alex Parker & Tony Kay/Bob Thompson, Colin Appleton

June (F) - Cup Final cover/Bobby Charlton & Mike Stringfellow/Ian Ure/Tom Traynor, Gerry Byrne.

July - Charlton v. Huddersfield/Ron Ashman & Peter Johnson/Frank Haffey/Fred Hill, Barrie Hole.

August - West Ham action/Davie Provan & Ray Wilson/1963-64 Gift Book ad/Denis Law/Bob Woodruff.

September - Jimmy McIlroy/Bobby Moore/Gift Book ad/Gordon Banks, Cliff Huxford,

John Cumming.

October - Jimmy Armfield/Bob McKinlay & Eric Smith/Gift Book ad/Jimmy Melia, Fred Goodwin

November - Graham Leggatt/Willie Henderson/Gift Book ad/Trevor Smith & John Schofield,

David Layne, Barry Thomas.  

December - Arsenal v. Forest/Joe McBride & Jimmy Singer/Paddy Turner/Stoke, Stuart Leary, Brayley Reynolds.



January - Gordon Banks/Burnley/Alan Gilzean/Rest of World XI, Harold Jarman, Graham Shaw

February - Jimmy Greaves/Everton/Frank Beattie/Terry Paine, Ronnie Rees, Cecil Irwin. 

March - Bryan Douglas/Derek Wilkinson & Ron Springett - John Hewie, Brian Tocknell, Brian Kinsey/Davie Holt/Preston, Bill Thomson, Len Julians.

May (F) - Cup Final cover/Alex Dawson & Nobby Lawton/Noel Dwyer/Bobby Moore, Ken Brown.

June - Stars of Liverpool/Jim McNab & Jim Baxter/Stars of Everton/Brian Wood, Ken Houghton.

July - Scotland v. England/Roy Lunnis & Terry Venables/Stylo Matchmakers ad/John Talbut,

Brian Hughes, Jim McFadzean.

August - Unidentified action shot/Ron & Peter Springett/Stylo ad/John King, Rangers, Francis Lee.

September - Johnny Haynes/David Herd & Terry Simpson/Stylo ad/Celtic, Bill Punton, Ray Bumstead & Ron Bolton.

October - Bobby Collins/Chelsea/Stylo ad/John McSeveney, Jim Iley, Neil Duffy.

November - Peter Thompson/Coventry/Stylo ad/Aberdeen, Don Donovan, Roy Cheetham.



February - Ken Brown/Stan Jones & Andy Rankin/Davie Wilson/Ian Gibson, Charlie Livesey,

Keith Kettlebrough.

March - Sunderland v. Blackburn/Leeds/Hugh Robertson/George Best, Joe Dean, Wyn Davies.   

April - Joe Baker/Ron Davies & Mel Hopkins/Doug Smith/Alan Ball, Len Badger, Tommy Lawrence 

June - Ray Wilson/Newcastle/John Hamilton/Jack Charlton, Terry Venables, Terry Wharton.            July - England v. Scotland/Liverpool/Eric Murray/Bobby Smith, Bill Foulkes, Celtic.

August - Alan Gilzean/Kilmarnock/Gordon Banks/Keith Smith, Peter Morris.

September - Joe Kiernan/Brian Clark & Fred Davies/1965-66 Gift Book ad/Allan McGraw,

Dave Craig, George Cohen.

October - Lawrie Leslie/Nott'm F/Gift Book ad/Willie Hunter, Colin Appleton, Jimmy Gabriel, Plymouth.

November - Derek Dougan & Tommy Smith/West Brom/Gift Book ad/Martin Harvey,

Ron McKinnon, Derby.



February - Ian St. John/John MacNamee/Peter Bonetti/Alex McLaughlin, Gordon Bolland,

Denis Viollet, Chester.

March - Paul Reaney, Geoff Hurst & Keith Newton/Huddersfield/Denis Gillespie/Geoff Whitefoot, Dave Turner.

July - WC  -  Brian Labone/Ron Yeats/Jimmy Millar/Len Julins, Sheff Wed, Graham Cross,

Neil Young  £5

August - WC  -  Bobby Moore/England in TrainingWorld Cup magazine ad/Eusebio,

Sandrino Mazzola, Giacinto Facchetti, Valeri Voronin  £5

September - WC  -  Peter Bonetti & George Eastham/Picture Parade/1966-67 Gift Book ad/Alick Jeffrey, Bobby Cram, Ian Butler  £5

October - WC  -  World Cup Final action/England's Golden Day/Gift Book ad/Mario Coluna,

Albert Shesternev, The Man [Ramsey] Who Had Faith In This Day  £5

November - Liverpool, Charity Shield winners/Everton/Gift Book ad/Picture Parade,

Bobby Charlton, Terry Paine, Alcindo.

December - Crystal P v Derby/Celtic/Gift Book ad/Stars of the World Cup, Harry Gregory, 

Geoff Hurst, John Barnwell.



January - Derek Dougan & Jack Charlton/Carlisle/Gift Book ad/Jose Torres, Frank Brogan,

Terry Paine, Ken Houghton.

March - Jim Baxter/Dave Woodfield & Roger Morgan/Pat O'Connor/Garrincha, Peter Thompson, George Curtis, Oldham.

May - John Greig & Bobby Moore/QPR/Jim McCalliog/Intenational Parade, Jose Augusto,

Tony Wagstaff.

June  (F) - Cup Final cover/Gary Sparke & Henry Newton/Billy McNeill/Dave Mackay,

Marvin Hinton, Tommy Baldwin, Alan Gilzean

July - Fulham v. Blackpool/It's the Cup That Cheers/George Graham/Skelmersdale, John Greig, Brian Labone.

August - Alan Ball/Nott'm Forest/1967-68 Gift Book ad/Dave Connor, Bert Murray, Jim O'Rourke.

October - Jimmy Greaves/Liverpool/Gift Book ad/Tony Leighton, Ian Stewart, Jim Smith.

November -  Arsenal v. Coventry/Man Utd/Gift Book ad/Dundee, Jimmy Greenhoff, George Heslop.

December -  Peter Shilton/Arsenal/Bobby Lennox/Willie Morgan, Bobby Hunt, Hearts,

Derek Dougan



January - Wales v. England/Home International preview/Steve Kember & John Quigley/Sunderland, Dixie Dean, Peter Grummitt, John Arrol.

July - Cardiff v. Hamburg/Geoff Hurst/Fred Pickering/Glentoran, Oxford, Eastleigh Argyle.

September - Blackpool v. Chelsea/Rangers/Colin Bell, Mike Bailey, Charlton, Ray Crawford.

October - Joe Baker/Everton/Bobby Roberts/Ron Wylie, George Graham, Tom McMillan,

Alan Hodgkinson.

November - Rangers v. Morton/Ipswich/Bob Graham/Albert Bennett & Gordon Marshall,

Close Contact at the Bridge, John Clark.



January - F.A. Cup 3rd Rd/Roger Hunt/Geoff Hurst & John Kaye/Gordon Jones, Heat of the Battle, Billy Campbell.  

February - Chelsea v. Everton/Pat Jennings/Colin Stein/George Ley, Eddie Gray, Allan Clarke,

St. Mirren. 

March - What Makes You Tick ?/Howard Kendall/Terry Cooper/Ian Mitchell, Bob McKinlay,

Hugh Fisher, Keith Eddy

April - 'We Want Goals'/Liverpool/Jens Petersen/Graham Cross, Nobby Stiles,

Alan Campbell & Charlie Wright, Tony Brown,           

May (F) - '68 Cup Final - full cover wraparound/Mansfield b&w/Colin Bell, Alan Oakes, Jeff Astle, George Graham, Cyril Knowles & Peter Storey, Brian Kidd.

June - Dave Mackay/England/Eamonn Dunphy, Eoin Hand & Nick Jennings/Joe Royle,

John Boyle & Stewart Houston, Don Mackay, Peter Shilton

August - Bobby Moncur/Mitre ad/1969-70 Gift Book ad/Charlie Cooke, Tottenham v. Liverpool, Swindon, Alex Stepney, Brian Labone

September - England line-up in Mexico/Allan Clarke/Gift Book ad/Eamonn Rogers & Gorocs,

Frank McLintock, Willie Carlin, Don Rogers.

October - Bobby Gould & Gary Sprake/West Brom/Willie Johnston/Docherty's Villa Boys,

Brighton, Frank Casper, Shamrock Rovers.

November - Mexico - Day of Decision/Wolves/Gordon West/Bob Graham, Bobby Moore &

Martin Peters, Gerry Neef, Roy Barry.

December - Gordon Banks/West Brom v. Liverpool/Mike Summerbee/Rod Thomas & David Nish, Shay Brennan, Picture Gallery.



January - Now For The Cup !/Arsenal v. Coventry/Peter Bonetti/Eric McMordie, Derek Dougan & Alan Stephenson, Pat Stanton (sl tr)

February - Bobby Moore/Newcastle/John Collins/Jimmy Greaves, Walter Lees & Tony Hateley, Keith Weller, Hibs.

March (L) - Allan Clarke & Tommy Booth/They Go Into Europe/Peter Dobing/Doug Fraser &

Tony Book, Jeff Astle, Giacinto Facchetti.

April  - George Best/Tottenham v. Crystal P/Litesome ad/John Hughes, Ron Davies &

Graham Cross, Tommy Lawrence, Stars of Chelsea, Clyde Best.

May - Billy Bremner/Peter Osgood/Litesome ad/Martin Peters & John Robson/Neil Martin, Huddersfield v. Charlton, Mike Walker, Willie Mathieson.

July - Nick Krzywicki & David Craig/Celtic/Arsenal Celebrate !/Francis Lee, Wales v. England, Sammy Nelson.

August - Martin Peters/Mitre ad/Alan Whittle/Eddie McCreadie, Aberdeen, Tony Green,

Caught In Colour, Terry Hennessey

September - Stoke v. Coventry/World Cup Final Souvenir/Wyn Davies/Ian St. John, Colin Suggett, Dave Thomas.

October - Harry Catterick/Assorted Early Season Action/Barry Bridges & Brian Drysdale/Mike Channon, Derby, Joe Corrigan, Allan Clarke

November - Lyndon Hughes & Alun Evans/Tottenham/Ian Mitchell/Alan Mullery & Jimmy Greaves, Rangers/Joe Royle.

December - Bob Wilson/Aston V/Martin Chivers & Tony Towers/Ken Skeen, Wolves v. West Brom, Bobby Clark.



February - Frank Worthington/Francis Lee/Ted MacDougall/Everton v. Tottenham, Steve Kember.



March - The Men to Make Your Team/Trevor Francis/Jim Forrest/Peter Houseman, Kevin Hector.

April - Clyde Best & Derek Parkin/Esso F.A. Cup Coins promo/Phil Beal/Francis Lee,

Chelsea v. Leeds, Eddie Colquhoun, Tommy Taylor.

July - Derek Dougan/Asa Hartford/Bobby Graham/Chelsea v. Newcastle, Len Glover.

September - Ted MacDougall/Celtic/Bob Curtis/Henry Newton, West Ham v. Derby, Paul Madeley.

November - Norwich v. Everton/Liverpool/David Payne/Frank Munro, Villa v. Brighton,

John Sissons.




February - Tommy Smith/Roy McFarland/David Harvey/Bobby Moore & Alan Woodward,

Dave Thomas, David Best

May - Derby v. Southampton/Don Rogers/Jimmy Thomson/Bill Glazier, Billy Hughes,

Tommy Smith (sl tr)


Football Digest editions (booklet format)

1973  :  November, December.    



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