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1982 World Cup Posters


Can it REALLY be forty years ago ?   

Forty years since one of the most attractive teams Brazil ever produced were

favourites to win the World Cup but somehow fell short ?   

Forty years since England played in their first major tournament for twelve years

and returned home undefeated ?

Forty years since Algeria, Cameroon, Honduras, Kuwait and New Zealand

appeared in their first World Cup ? 

Forty years since Northern Ireland stunned the hosts with an amazing victory ? 

Forty years since Maradona took his maiden bow on the big stage ? 

Forty years since Scotland played in a World Cup without embarrassing themselves ?

(Sorry, we couldn't resist that one !).

And forty years since Paulo Rossi stole the show and spearheaded

Italy to an unexpected victory ??? 


Yep,  it was.



Every now and again, something unusual drops in our lap, and we were delighted

to recently obtain a limited number of these stunning posters from the 1982 World Cup

in as near perfect condition as possible for forty years old. 

These were distributed through shops and outlets who sold Fuji camera films (now there's

a blast from the past), with a poster being included with sales of two or more films.



These great reminders of a thrilling tournament played four decades ago are available

to UK customers at £10 each (including signed for postage*) while stocks last,

or two for the special price of £15.


Make contact with us NOW to secure your amazing 1982 World Cup Poster !


(* Non UK postage rates obtainable on request). 




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