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So, here it is ! 


After a summer where, not surprisingly, we seem to have had a run on vintage England shirts, we've sorted and photographed all our current stock, so you can see EXACTLY what you're getting when you buy from NWM's Shirt Shop.


At the VERY LEAST, all items are in very good or excellent condition, and may have the odd bit of wear commensurate with the age of the individual item. Virtually all of the shirts and sportswear items offered for sale are personally sourced from charity shops or car boot sales.  The main criteria when finding an item is that it needs to be of such a quality that we would keep it ourselves !!!  If it's not to that level, we don't touch it !


Generally speaking, most items in this section are priced at £15 each, and that includes UK P&P. Prices for items which are as new, or have name & number printing will vary. 


Sizing is either that taken from the manufacturer's label, or an estimate based on a 'pit to pit' measurement should that information be lost or too worn too read.  Please bear in mind that sizing may vary between manufacturers, for instance, 'extra large' on a shirt made by the likes of Adidas or Umbro differs from what Errea or Kappa class as an extra large.  If in doubt, please ask !


"Dating" of shirts where required has been confirmed by refering to websites such as Historical Football Kits, or by John Devlin's "True Colours" publications.


Don't forget that we also have a selection of player issue & match prepared shirts in our "Name & Number please !" section


Should you wish to see further photographs of any of the items in stock, don't hesitate to make contact, and we'll get what you need across to you.


This section last updated  -  3/9/18


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